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Cuvillier Verlag

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Shipping Time following Clearance - only 1-5 Days

Fast and always on schedule

We not only have set high standards for ourselves, but also the companies with whom we collaborate. To ensure a speedy delivery, we work with DHL, who enables us to ship your publication within 24-48 hours within Germany. This way you can be sure to meet every deadline.

Our guarantee: the fastest printing and delivery times

Our pledge: in accordance with our high level of quality, we ship requested copies within 1-5 business days of receiving printing clearance.

Deliveries to foreign countries may take longer. However, within Europe, we can deliver your publication within the span of 4-5 additional business days.

Reliable service – even by time-critical publishing projects

We also offer our emergency printing service, affording even quicker processing for a nominal fee.

Any number of additional copies of each publication can be produced swiftly as well (print on demand).

If you have any further questions about our delivery times, do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to send you our brochures and other information materials.