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Without Words

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Without Words (English shop)

The Path to the Authentic You

Christiane Hansmann (Author)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736973534
Language English
Page Number 433
Lamination of Cover matt
Edition 1
Publication Place Göttingen
Publication Date 2021-01-13
General Categorization Adviser
Departments Common
Keywords separation, separated, disconnection, disconnected, mindful, mindfulness, Akashic Record, oneness, consciousness, conscious, Atlantis, Atlanteans, authentic, authenticity, authenticate, authenticitate, ego, ego experience, illusion, time, aura, third eye, expression, inner world, emergence, emerge, matrix, connection matrix, horizontal pyramid pair, time matrix, temporal pyramid pair, being matrix, vertical pyramid pair, Salvador, light being, channel, soul, matter plane, soul plane, spirit plane, chakra, christpower, dimension, pyramid, double pyramid, divine, being, the being, crystallization, experience stamp, enlightenment, wholeness, spark of god, heart gate, higher self, identification, karma, now, the now, stream of life, light worker, focusing, nothingness, projection universe, fifth dimension, 5th dimension, nothingness, the nothing, source, source energy, primary unit, resonance emotion, reflective emotion, projection, being-rotation, self-rotation, vertical canal, self-love, symbolism, stream of god, reincarnation, soul energy net, universal energy net, anchor, free will, magnetism, quantum physics, universe, awareness, kundalini, high frequency, reality, body, earth, time, space, personality, meditation, medium, mind, spirit, matter, god, eternity, energy flow, flow of energy, energy strand, energy gate, energy pathway, matrix system, dysfunction, deal, transformation, perfection, intuition, experience, energy cross, Bewusstsein, Spiritualität, Authentizität, Individuum, Quantenphysik, Universum, Ayurveda, Kundalini, Buddhismus, Bewusstseinserhöhung, Seele, Realität, Körper, Erde, Zeit, Raum, Ego, Persönlichkeit, Meditation, Medium, Lichtwesen, Verstand, Geist, Materie, Gott, Ewigkeit, das Sein, Energiefluss, das Nichts, Wertesystem, Wort, Matrix, Tat, Energiestrang, Energietor, Wesensmatrix, Meditation, Matrixsystem, Matrixmuster, innere Blockade, Transformation, Vollkommenheit, Intuition, Erfahrungen, Energiekreuz

A new conciousness, with a new, profound understanding of the correlation between science and spirituality, has begun to manifest. This book unfolds a map that guides you into areas of innovative recognition of universal interdependencies. You are given insight behind the veil of everyday conciousness as well as provided with tools that enable you to create a more authentic and self-sufficient life.