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Simon Thanh-Nam Trang – perfil de autor

Simon Thanh-Nam Trang is a doctoral student and research member of the DFG Research Training Group 1703, “Resource Efficiency in Inter-organizational Networks,” at Göttingen University. The group’s focuses on developing and applying methods to improve the efficient use of wood and wood by-products in inter-organizational production processes. With his background in information systems research, he contributes to the training group by providing expertise in IS diffusion research and value of IS research. In doing so, he helps derive ways to overcome the particular resistance in the wood industry to adopting inter-organizational IS, which is an important precondition for the efficient coordination of wood networks. Moreover, because IT adoption and investment is not an end in and of itself, he provides answers to the question of how firms in such networks can profit from inter-organizational IT resources.
His current interests also lie in quantitative research related to why / in which cases intention might be a bad predictor for behavior, particularly in the context of technology post-adoption, as well as questions related to electric mobility and how IS can help overcome adoption inhibitors such as range anxiety.

Colaboro en las siguientes publicaciones

Adoption, Value Co-Creation, and Governance of Inter-Organizational Information Technology in Wood Networks
Adoption, Value Co-Creation, and Governance of Inter-Organizational Information Technology in Wood Networks (Volumen 77)
Simon Thanh-Nam Trang
ISBN-13 (Impresion): 978-3-73699-031-9
ISBN-13 (E-Book): 978-3-73698-031-0
EUR 0,00
EUR 39,06

Driving the Future Diffusion of Mobility
Driving the Future Diffusion of Mobility (Volumen 103)
Bernd Herrenkind
ISBN-13 (Impresion): 978-3-73697-214-8
ISBN-13 (E-Book): 978-3-73696-214-9
EUR 69,90
EUR 48,90

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