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Jana Görmer-Redding – Autorenprofil

Jana Görmer-Redding was born in Berlin, Germany, on November 4, 1980. At the age of fifteen, she moved to the region of the southern Harz in the district of Göttingen, in Lower Saxony, Germany, where she lived until completing secondary education. From 2000 to 2005 she studied at the Technical University of Clausthal (TUC), Germany, majoring in Information Systems. Before her graduation Jana joined Homanit GmbH and Co KG (i.a. products for automotive industry), Herzberg, Germany, for a working student in quality management. Furthermore, she worked as a student assistant at the Technical University of Clausthal.
Jana freelanced as a consultant for quality and environmental management for KKT Holding GmbH (i.a. products for automotive industry), Osterode, Germany. For her graduation project on “SCOTI: stable and reliable communication over the Internet for geographically distributed clusters” Jana spent a semester at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain joining a research collaboration in 2003-2004. From 2006 to 2009 Jana was employed as a researcher and project manager at the Clausthaler Umwelttechnik-Institut GmbH (CUTEC), a non-university research institution of Lower Saxony. From 2009 to 2015 Jana was employed as a researcher and lecturer at the Technical University of Clausthal, working on her dissertation in the information systems group. In Mai/June 2012 Jana was investigating in a short term scientific mission at Centre for Intelligent Information Technologies, University Rey Juan Carlos Mostoles, Spain. In 2016 Jana was employed as senior consultant and IT project manager for energy systems at EWERK, Leipzig, Germany. 2017 she was working as team leader in accounting and finance and managing ERP implementation projects at GISA GmbH, Halle, Germany. Today (2018) she is taking certified project management courses in Prince2, ITIL and Scrum and will use that knowledge as a program manager with PDV Systeme GmbH, Erfurt. Jana completed her doctoral studies on “Autonomous Vehicle Groups in Urban Traffic” early 2018.

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Autonomous Vehicle Groups in Urban Traffic
Autonomous Vehicle Groups in Urban Traffic
Jana Görmer-Redding
ISBN-13 (Printausgabe): 978-3-73699-828-5
ISBN-13 (E-Book): 978-3-73698-828-6
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