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Metabolic profiling of hyperinsulinemic horses

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Metabolic profiling of hyperinsulinemic horses (Volumen 50) (Tienda española)

Julien Delarocque (Autor)


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ISBN-13 (Impresion) 9783736974265
ISBN-13 (E-Book) 9783736964266
Idioma Inglés
Numero de paginas 108
Laminacion de la cubierta mate
Edicion 1.
Serie Wissenschaftliche Reihe der Klinik für Pferde
Volumen 50
Lugar de publicacion Göttingen
Lugar de la disertacion Hannover
Fecha de publicacion 17.05.2021
Clasificacion simple Tesis doctoral
Area Veterinaria
Palabras claves Insulin, Insulin dysregulation, Insulin resistance, Laminitis, Founder, Endocrinopathies, Endocrinopathy, Endocrinology, Internal medicine, Lamellae, Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, PPID, Cushing, ACTH, Equine metabolic syndrome, EMS, Hyperinsulinemia, Hyperlipemia, Metabolic profile, Metabolome, Metabolomics, Mass spectrometry, Liquid chromatography, Flow injection analysis, Oral glucose test, Oral sugar test, Glucose tolerance, Vascular dysfunction, SDMA, DOPA, Arginine, Carnitine, Weight loss, Weight gain, Obesity, Adipose tissye, Nutritional supplements, Energy metabolism, Horse, Equine, Pony, Ponies, Insulin, Insulin-dysregulation, Insulinresistenz, Hufrehe, Rehe, Endocrinopathien, Endocrinopathie, Endocrinologie, Innere Medizin, Lamellen, Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, PPID, Cusihing, ACTH, Equines metabolisches Syndrom, EMS, Hypeirinsulinäme, Hyperlipämie, Metabolisches Profil, Metabolom, Metabolomik, Massenspektrometrie, Flüssigchromatographie, Flow-injection Analyse, Oraler Glukose Test, Oraler Glukose Toleranztest, Glukosetoleranz, Vaskuläre Dysfunktion, SDMA, DOPA, Arginin, Carnitin, Gewichtsverlust, Gewichtszunahme, Obesitas, Fettgewebe, Futterergänzungsmittel, Energiestoffwechsel, Pferd, Equide, Pony, Ponys, glucose, Entzündung, Stoffwechsel, Pferdehuf, Hufwand, fettleibig, Field und Jeffcott, Glukosereiz, Diabetes mellitus Typ 2, Labordiagnostik, Biomarker, Blutzuckermessung

Insulin dysregulation mediates the increased risk for laminitis associated with the two most common equine endocrinopathies, pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) and the equine metabolic syndrome (EMS). This thesis aimed to describe the metabolic profile of horses with this condition to help elucidate the cause for the increased insulin production it elicits and possibly uncover some pathomechanisms leading to laminitis. Besides identifying metabolites correlated to the level of the insulin response to an oral glucose test, such as carnitine, arginine and DOPA, this project revealed the potential of such molecules in recognizing horses with insulin dysregulation without complex diagnostic tests. Additionally, it allowed to concretely quantify the reduction of the insulin response to oral carbohydrates following weight loss, while differentiating the respective metabolic impact of weight gain and worsened insulin dysregulation. Lastly, metabolites associated with subsequent laminitis were described. Altogether, the results provided new concepts for the identification of insulin dysregulation, supported an association between this condition and vascular dysfunction, helped distinguish the metabolic impact of weight variations from the effect of insulin dysregulation, and suggested that carnitine and arginine could be investigated as nutritional supplements to treat insulin dysregulation.