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The Compatibility of the Access to Essential Generic Medicines with Human Rights: An Analysis of the In-Transit Seizure of Essential Generic Medicines from India by the European Union

Sanjeev Thavarajah – Autorenprofil

Sanjeev Thavarajah is a lawyer and political scientist. He has studied at the University of Marburg, the Charles University in Prague, the University of Essex and in Leicester. He has worked as a research assistant with the Institute of International Relations in Prague and has undertaken a traineeship with the European Parliament. As a lecturer he has been employed by the following Universities: Coventry, Birmingham City, Marburg and Fulda. After completing his PhD at the University of Marburg, he was employed as an analyst with the second-largest private bank in Germany. At present, he is working as the Head of Law and Business with the Federal Association of German Bus Companies.

Other Publications by Sanjeev Thavarajah:

• Thavarajah, S., ‘¿Es compatible la propuesta de incorporación de Turquía a la Unión Europea con las obligaciones de derechos humanos de la organización?’ (2015) (No 13.858) El Derecho Constitucional 6.

• Thavarajah, S., EU Counter-Terrorism Sanctions and International Human
Rights Law: A Comparative Analysis of Due Process Rights (Saarbrücken,
AV Akademikerverlag, 2014).

• Thavarajah, S., Indian Foreign and Security Policy at the End of the 20th
Century: An Analysis of India’s Major Power Ambitions (Saarbrücken, AV
Akademikerverlag, 2014).

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