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E-Book Delivery

As premium provider for digital publications we offer you and the members of your organization three different ways to access the purchased e-books. As soon as your payment is received, your individual e-collection is activated by us. E-books provided via IP-address range are the best means for your employees to access suitable publications in a fast and direct way. The provision of data via FTP is especially favourable in terms of creating own archives.

Access via IP-address range

Grant all users of your organization access through our E-Collection website. You can give IP-address ranges in your organization's account. All users of this address range automatically gain access to all publications you purchased, which are available for download.

Download via our FTP-server

After you have made an order you can comfortably request admission to our FTP-servers for your organization in your account settings. All purchased publications are available for mass download there.

Push to your FTP-server

Spare yourself a step and have all the publications you purchased sent to your FTP-server with a mouse click. Simply give the access data to your FTP-account in your account settings and benefit from our fully automatic data provision.

Sales model for flexible use

A title once purchased is made accessible to you as a download and remains at your unlimited disposal (sales model). At the same time you can comfortably look at all acquired titles on this website. Within the bounds of our licensing terms you can make use of your e-books in a very flexible way. You can either make the purchased pdf-documents available to your employees via mobile devices or in a classical fashion via desktop. It's entirely up to you.