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This package currently comprises 6183 of digital book titles

Provide your users, employees and customers with the specialist literature from various areas of research and thus grant them interdisciplinary and unlimited access to the international scientific dialogue.

Publication Period January 01, 1990 - July 14, 2024
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Full Price 110.460.11 EUR
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As organization you get the opportunity to purchase our E-Collection on special terms. Depending on scale you can get a discount up to 20% on your chosen package. Full Packages are arranged directly with the publishing house. Please contact us, we would be happy to advise you.

Contact: Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier, Telephone: 0049(0)551-54724-0.

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Provide your employees and customers with the entire scientific know-how of our authors from different departments. Thus you grant them access to a diverse and broad range of international scientific research results.

The combined Department Packages contain all the latest Cuvillier Verlag E-Books of the chosen departments.

You can either select single departments or combine them just as you like. Titles which belong to several departments are automatically subtracted from the overall price.

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Humanities 1874
Natural Sciences 3243
Engineering 1560
Common 77
Book Series (91) 1275

You can pick and compile all desired titles from the entire Cuvillier E-Collection supply individually. Even by purchasing only 20-50 titles you already get a discount of 5%, and even 10% from the 51. title onwards.


Easy shopping over and above departments and organisational boundaries.

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