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To the publication by Michèle Bowley

Volle Pulle Leben

Lebe deins – jetzt

In her autobiography, Michèle Bowley, 56-year-old psychologist, coach and loving taboo-breaker, deals with her own incurable cancer, dying, making peace and saying goodbye. The book is not only about her own experiences, but also aims to encourage, enlighten and give strength. The book is aimed in particular at people who, in the face of a hopeless cancer diagnosis, are looking for strength and inspiration to shape the remaining time in contentment, gratitude and joy.


Die „Erotik“ des Geldes

“If you’ve got something, you are something” is the common slogan. If you have nothing or not much, you are nothing or only a little, no matter how many gifts or talents you possess. The pursuit of optimal pleasure on the one hand and maximum return on the other is at the centre of our interest.

Moreover, wealth also creates prestige and admiration among fellow human beings, so that one can count on flattery and admiration. This is why money also has a strong eroticising power, although – apart from being exchangeable for everything – it has no particular qualities of its own. That is why this study tries to uncover the causes, or rather the secrets, which bring about the strong kind of eroticisation of people.


To the publication by Karin Weingartz-Perschel



To the publication by Svenja Heerwig

Das Lichtbildrecht nach § 72 UrhG als Recht am eigenen Blick und Institut des Investitionsschutzes (Band 93)

There is no uniform approach in jurisdiction and literature on the question of how, for example, the use of parts of a photograph is to be treated. The reason for this is the special structure of the photographic image right, which on the one hand is intended to protect a performance similar to the creative performance of the author and in this respect approximates copyright law within the meaning of Section 11 UrhG, but on the other hand, with regard to the investments of professional photographers, is also reminiscent of an economic ancillary copyright such as that of the producer of sound recordings.

In the present work, the object of protection and the legal nature of the photographic right are therefore to be examined more closely and the effects of the results found are to be illustrated using the example of case scenarios that occur particularly frequently in case law in connection with Section 72 UrhG.


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