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To the publication by Jacob Wehrle

Eine experimentalökonomische Untersuchung von Recyclingverhalten

Natural resources are threatened by negative environmental impacts, and at the same time their scarcity harbors conflict potential and endangers human development. These local and global challenges can be addressed by increasing recycling activities. However, in order to keep the raw materials contained in waste in the cycle, the participation of private households is essential. From an economic perspective, there is a dilemma in this regard, as private costs of recycling often exceed the private benefits directly resulting from it: Thus, rational actors would refrain from any recycling activity, but if they cooperate, they could mutually benefit from recycling and be better off overall. Economics offers solutions with instruments such as the deposit system, but these are subject to limits.

In this paper, voluntary participation in recycling is studied experimentally in the laboratory. It is based on an extended public good game in which recycling is interpreted as a contribution to a collective good “environmental and resource protection”. In this game, members of society are given the opportunity to make investments that result in benefits for social subgroups or society as a whole. Against this background, the research question of this paper refers to the consequences of the introduction of exclusive recycling systems, the composition of societal subgroups, and the effect of competition between them. The results suggest that the introduction of additional recycling options with tangible benefits leads to higher recycling participation – as does the shift of recycling decisions into the context of socially connected groups with non-discriminatory identities.


Comparing Confidence and Trust Online and Offline (Band 19)

The present volume draws on the experience of the Summer School held online in 2021 and in Serbia in August 2022, where graduate students and experienced scholars met from Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, and Croatia.
All contributions discuss original empirical research on the construction of confidence and trust online and offline in the case of academic or journalistic writing, mainly from South Eastern European but also from German perspectives. The contributions can also serve as a general model for open and critical international and intercultural academic discourse in joint teaching, research and publishing.

To the publication by Marina Ivanova & Josef Schmied



To the publication by Michael Botsch

Machine Learning Techniques for Time Series Classification (Band 2)

Classification of time series is an important task in various fields, e.g., medicine, finance, and industrial applications. This work discusses strong temporal classification using machine learning techniques. Here, two problems must be solved: the detection of those time instances when the class labels change and the correct assignment of the labels. For this purpose the scenario-based random forest algorithm and a segment and label approach are introduced. The latter is realized with either the augmented dynamic time warping similarity measure or with interpretable generalized radial basis function classifiers.

The main application presented in this work is the detection and categorization of car crashes using machine learning. Depending on the crash severity different safety systems, e.g., belt tensioners or airbags must be deployed at time instances when the best-possible protection of passengers is assured.

Die Forschungsarbeit untersucht, wie Alter, Ausbildung, Erfahrung, Geschlecht, sowie Zusammensetzung und Größe des Vorstandsgremiums das langfristige Überleben deutscher Genossenschaftsbanken beeinflussen, welche aufgrund sinkender Gewinnmargen vom „Aussterben“ bedroht sind. Diese Banken spielen eine bedeutende Rolle im deutschen Wirtschafts- und Finanzsystem. Neben der Abwicklung wichtiger Zahlungstransaktionen sind sie bedeutende Arbeitgeber. Darüberhinaus spielten sie während der Finanzkrise 2007/2008 eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Unterstützung des europäischen Bankensystems. Die agierenden Vorstände dieser Genossenschaftsbanken haben einen erheblichen Einfluss auf den Geschäftserfolg.
Es wurden empirische Daten zu den soziodemographischen Faktoren der Vorstandsmitglieder, der Vorstandszusammensetzung, -größe und der Bruttogewinnmarge über 5 und 10 Jahre gesammelt und statistisch analysiert. Die Ergebnisse zeigen Zusammenhänge zwischen dem Alter der Vorstandsmitglieder, der Vorstandszusammensetzung und der Bruttogewinnmarge über die angegebenen Zeiträume.
Diese Forschungsarbeit trägt zu verschiedenen Managementtheorien bei. Darüber hinaus bietet sie praktische Entscheidungskriterien für Aufsichtsräte bei der Auswahl neuer Vorstandsmitglieder.


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