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Cuvillier Verlag

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International Specialist Publishing House for Science and Economy

Cuvillier Verlag

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Welcome to Cuvillier

Your Premium Partner for Publications in Science and Economy

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Cuvillier Verlag is a German publishing house (rest assured, a number of our works are in English), which has published more than 8,500 academic works spanning throughout the fields of aerospace, aeronautics, astronomics, agriculture, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, engineering, law, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, music, nursing, philosophy, physics and psychology—among a multitude of others.



Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier, owner


*Gilt für alle Publikationsaufträge, die bis zum 31. Dezember 2019 bei uns eingehen!

Our Extraordinary Service for Authors

Attentive design practices, executed using sophisticated digital print systems afford endless possibilities for further use ensure our renowned quality while maintaining fast production times.

  • individual customer sevice and support
  • fully-customisable cover design
  • shipping within 3-5 days of printing clearance
  • excellent value proposition
  • remarkable level of quality
  • international distribution

Cuvillier kooperiert mit chinesischem Großverlag

Theologe, Missionar, der niemanden bekehrte, Sinologe: All das war Richard Wilhelm, der von 1900 bis 1924 in Qingdao/China lebte. Er übersetzte wichtige Werke der chinesischen Literatur, baute Brücken zwischen zwischen westlicher und östlicher Philosophie, lehrte an der Universität Peking und gründete eine deutsch-chinesische Schule. Nun wird der Cuvillier Verlag ab Sommer 2018 in Kooperation mit der chinesischen Quingdao Publishing Group eine Reihe von fünf Werken des großen China-Kenners veröffentlichen. Weiterlesen


Ab sofort erhältlich: Eine Auswahl der neuesten Publikationen des Cuvillier Verlags

Cuvillier E-Collection

With our digital eBook platform (E-Collection) you, as well as all members of your institution are granted access to the most recent findings in academic research.

Whether you are an author, reader or library: digitalised books are here to stay. They provide an efficient means of publication, especially in fields where recency is key—science and research. Our e-collection is especially advantageous for libraries, companies and other institutions as users can access all associated titles simultaneously and without time limits.