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2022 wurde der Cuvillier-Science Fond erfolgreich etabliert, wodurch junge Wissenschaftler:innen einen Autor:innen-Zuschuss von 250 Euro erhalten können. Profitieren auch Sie von einer zügigen & kostengünstigen Veröffentlichung.

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To the publication by Achim Rösiger

Influence of grinding and milling on the surface quality and mechanical properties of carbon fibre-reinforced silicon carbide (Volume 17)

In the present work, the influence of grinding and milling on the surface quality, the acting removal mechanisms and the mechanical properties of carbon fibre-reinforced silicon carbide (C/SiC) is investigated. A commercial C/C-SiC material was used as the test material for which, on the basis of an analogy test with a scribing diamond, fundamentally brittle removal properties for the SiC matrix and fibre orientation-dependent, interface-supported mechanisms for the C/C fibre areas were determined.

Identification of bacterial secondary metabolites by genome mining and microbial sampling

Due to the increasing incidence of resistant or multidrug-resistant pathogens, it is necessary to discover new therapeutics with antibiotic activity. In this work, a novel biosynthetic gene cluster encoding 2 non-ribosomal peptide synthetases was identified. Since the cluster contains several cluster-specific regulators and genes for self-resistance, it was hypothesised that the NRP has antibiotic activity. The aim of the work is to identify and isolate the NRP formed.

To the publication by Svenja Bunzel



To the publication by Hannah Flocke

The protective jurisdiction of the Brussels I Regulation in the event of change of domicile and succession (Volume 92)

In her work, the author examines the question of the effects of a change of the connecting factor of the personal prerequisites in the protective jurisdictions of the Brussels I Regulation for insurance contract, consumer contract and employment contract matters, which has not yet been examined much in the context of European civil procedural law.

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