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What is Open Access?

Open Access refers to free access to knowledge. It makes research available free of charge and at any time -  to read, copy, download, print, and refer to. This includes the following:

  1. Free (electronic) access to scientific publications or research results.
  2. Barrier-free access to research data – both technically and legally
  3. The authors are responsible for the rights of use, publishers only receive the necessary “simple” rights of use for the publication of the work.

Advantages of publishing in Open Access

Publishing a title as Open Access offers various advantages, especially the barrier-free access to research results makes knowledge more visible and usable.

Benefits for the scientific community:

  • Easier access to research results
  • Higher visibility and impact of research → scientific findings are taken up earlier and made usable
  • Simple spread of new knowledge
  • Support of interdisciplinarity and cooperation
  • Long-term availability of knowledge (independent of publisher)
  • Improvement of knowledge transfer
  • Improvement to access of publicly funded knowledge
  • Quality assurance through easier control by other researchers
  • Focus on building up research | “duplication of work” is avoided
  • Higher chances of gaining knowledge

Benefits for authors:

  • Faster and uncomplicated publication process
  • Visibility of own research
  • Higher citation frequency
  • Long-term availability of knowledge (independent of publisher)
  • Scientific reputation
Most universities and research institutes in Germany and abroad, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the European Commission (EC) actively support Open Access. Various funding commitments and programs have also been established in the course of this.

Open Access: the golden path or the green way?

Whether it’s a dissertation, an article or a post-doctoral thesis. Scientific authors have two different options for making their research data freely available to society.

Open Access for first time publications
The golden path refers to the primary realization of a piece of work as Open Access – without prior print publication of the work.

Open Access for second time publications
The green way is the “traditional” way. Here, barrier-free access to the digital Open Access file is set up in parallel or with a time delay after the paid (print) publication. Depending on your wishes, the implementation of an embargo period is also possible here.

Cost of an Open Access Publication

Even the use of Open Access publications is free of charge, the publication process results costs. In the case of scientific publications without an OA model, the preparation of data, the provision of research, or even marketing activities are refinanced through the sale of licenses to libraries; in the case of an OA project, these costs must be borne by the author himself/herself.

Supporting the transfer of knowledge is of particular concern to us as an academic publisher, which is why we only charge a flat publication fee of €790 for OA publications. Of course, this flat rate includes all publishing services such as cover design or the assignment of an eISBN.

Open Access in Cuvillier Publishing House

Publications in the Open Access model are usually published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY License) in the current version (currently CC-BY 4.0). However, our authors are free to choose another CC license. More information about the licenses can be found here.

A quaternary publication consisting of print, eBook, eCollection and Open Access offers the modern basis for a broad provision of knowledge. Thus, we enable interdisciplinary research from the same knowledge pool through simultaneous access by all participants.

Your research as Open Access – fast & uncomplicated

You would like to make your research results available to your audience without barriers and with optimal visibility and thus contribute to the transfer of knowledge? Cuvillier Publishing House is at your side as an experienced partner and will take over all steps of the publication and distribution process for you. We have compiled a complete presentation of our services for you here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally, by phone or by e-mail.

Publication on the university server

Many universities offer students and doctoral candidates the opportunity to publish their research free of charge “as open access” on the university server. However, the university does not provide any publishing services, such as assigning an ISBN or providing target group-specific information to the professional audience, which also affects the visibility and citability of your research data. Furthermore, the provision via the university server restricts the access to the results, which is why it is hardly possible to contribute to the international scientific discourse.

More information about publishing on the university server can also be found here.