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Cost-effective publishing with Cuvillier Verlag

The publication of a scientific paper is associated with costs.
The amount of the publication fee depends, among other things, on the scope of the submission format. Basically, the costs consist of a publication fee and the individual production costs.

  • Production costs: vary according to layout, publication variant, the number of printed author copies and optional services such as proofreading.
  • Publication fee: includes the assignment of an ISBN, registration in the VLB, comprehensive marketing activities, formatting, the test print as well as an individual cover design and more. 
For an overview of our services, please go to our range of services.

For a cost calculation of your scientific publication, please ask for a non-binding offer.
Every publication project at Cuvillier receives an individual offer – adapted to the wishes of the authors.

Calculation example


Calculation example

Basic Package Special, Online Publication and Open Access

Readers appreciate the option of acquiring academic works quickly and easily.
Online publication as an eBook or in the form of an Open Access publication enables users to download the book digitally as a full version onto their own end device in just a few minutes.
A full text search is possible due to our independent PDF format.

Are you looking for free eBooks or Open Access publications?
Take a look at our webshop.

As an author, you have the choice: our flexible publishing model allows you to freely choose a publication option – print, eBook, eCollection or Open Access – or combine them.
We tailor the publication method that is best for you – at a cost-effective price.

However, don’t just consider the cost of the publication option, but also the associated long-term factors:

  • Availability
  • Visibility
  • Citeability
  • Reputation
  • Financial income
  • and much more

For optimal implementation and fulfilment of these factors, it makes sense to choose a renowned specialist publisher.
We are not concerned with the number of publications, but rather with the best option for you.

For online-only publication, we only charge you a flat rate of 159,00€.
The price of an open access-only publication is 790,00€.

Don’t pay thousands of Euros and wait 6-8 weeks for your publication.
Years of research need to be supported, which is why we guarantee you a fast publication in 3-6 working days.
It’s time to sit back – we make your publication process straightforward according to your wishes.

For more information on our prices and additional services, please call us at 0551-547 24-0 or send us an e-mail at – we look forward to your enquiry!