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Cuvillier - Pocket Edition

The compact capture of knowledge as a book in A

The new Pocket Edition is a handbook that is ideal for conference and congress proceedings, for example. This pocket book in A6 format allows a publication and its contents to be taken along flexibly. Of course, we also produce any other publication in this size upon request.

Available is the smallest book format as softcover, so that your results can be recorded in the best possible way in a simple form for the readers. Thanks to high-quality and state-of-the-art printing processes, this paperback binding is a novel and innovative new way to have the latest knowledge at hand anytime and anywhere.

For congress and conference volumes, there is also the option of integrating note lines so that thought processes and key points can be recorded at conferences. These editions are optimally adapted to your event, so that participants can be provided with a special experience – a conference volume in mini format.


The handbook for meetings and congresses