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Quaternary Publishing: Print, eBook, eCollection and Open Access

Print, eBook, eCollection und/oder Open Access

A quaternary publication consisting of print, eBook, eCollection and Access offers the modern basis for a broad provision of knowledge. Thus, we enable interdisciplinary research from the same knowledge pool through simultaneous access by all participants.

Instant access to your research results

In our world it is more and more important that books are accessible online. Naturally, our authors have the possibility to have their books published by Cuvillier also available for online access as eBooks in PDF format without surcharge.

As a premium supplier of scientific and economic academic journals, we place high value on extensive distribution and professional processing of your research. Online publication our the website is the first step to distributing your title both nationally and internationally.

An accurate reproduction of your personalised cover design, the table of contents and an extract aids in the sale of your publication and assures intuitive literature search for potential readers.

Worldwide availability, uncomplicated, unbureaucratic and on time

International customers especially value the option to be able to download scientific works as online publications in an uncomplicated, unbureaucratic and, first and foremost, a time-effective manner. Within minutes, a full version of a given publication is available on our website. The platform-independent PDF format allows for comprehensive full text search.

Publishing your work exclusively online is also a possible alternative. We offer the option of online-only publications for only 159,00.


The Cuvillier eCollection for high academic visibility

Online publishing also makes it possible for us to offer your published books throught he Cuvillier eCollection to a wider circle of interested parties. 

Our platform for institutional users, the Cuvillier eCollection allows libraries, societies, companies and organisations to access publications using their respective IP addresses. As a result, your research results are able to be used by all of your organization.


Our eCollection service