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To request your individual and non-binding publication offer, please use the contact form below. You will receive your personal offer by email immediately. We will also be happy to send you a selection of cover samples and free print format templates to give your publication a professional look.

Receive your non-binding publication quote in 12 hours!

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Your Offer in 12 hours 

We want to make the final steps to publishing your work as simple and unbureaucratic as possible. Send us your publication request and in 12 hours you will receive our non-binding offer.

  • We format your data according to your individual requests and produce several free layout-versions in full colour, with durable lamination
  • Your data will also undergo a complete check
  • necessary corrections are worked into your data quickly and without any problems

We publish your dissertation  – simple, quick, uncomplicated

  • 3-6 days after clearance you will receive the printed copies of your academic publication
  • Your work is available internationally through the ISB-Number as a print copy, and e-book or via a server licence,
  • and is also registered in libraries and our wide network of cooperation partners

Our proof-reader is also ready to help you personally with tips and advice and to work closely with you.

We wish to support everyone who works in academia and thus makes an important contribution to our society. That is why we value your research so much and why we work with you so that your work is published in a quality to satisfy the highest academic demands.

Production & delivery in 3-6 days

After approval for printing, we need 3-6 working days for quality-certified production and delivery of the author’s copies. To conserve resources, we produce your publication using the print-on-demand process.