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Become an Author: fast - uncomplicated - professional

In addition to your author copies, you will receive 2 hardcovers of your publication free of charge if we receive your order by 28.02.2021. Get an offer now!

Become an Author: fast – uncomplicated – professional

With over 9,000 titles and more than 30 years of experience we will earn your trust as well

The long process of writing your manuscript as a prospective scientific writer and an author of cutting-edge research has come to its end. As a scientific publishing house, it is our ethic and moral duty to turn your manuscript into an excellent publication and you into a successful author.

How do I become an uthor in Cuvillier Verlag? How do I submit my manuscript?

Dissertation – Habilitation – cumulative Dissertation – Proceedings and Congress papers – Research reports – Scripts – Papers – Symposium volumes – Commemorative volumes

Send us your publications offer and you will receive a non-binding quote within 12 hours from us. So that your data can reach us in the best possible format, we provide you with our info-package with individually modifiable, preformatted digital layout-themes for Microsoft Word or LaTeX. If you are satisfied with our quote, submit your manuscript as

  • PDF
  • PostScript
  • Word
  • LaTeX
  • by post
  • CD-ROM
  • USB
or simply via E-Mail to the following address:

We will process your data following your individual wishes and will create without extra cost a number of Layout-suggestions in full colour with enduring lamination. Our range of services also extends to a complete check of your data. If any irregularities emerge, we contact you without delay. The necessary corrections are worked into your data quickly and without any problems. We also understand that a physical proof copy is unavoidable to reach a high academic standard. When you are satisfied, you simply send us your printing clearance.

1-5 days after printing clearance you receive the printed copies of your publication. Your work is published “white” and is available internationally with an ISB-Number in print, as an eBook or through a server licence. A good book and academic authors with outstanding ideas need a strong publisher by their side. Your publication is registered in the library cluster and our expansive network of distribution partners. The sales of your book is realised through our international distribution and guarantees an excellent positioning on the scientific terrain.

What are the advantages of publishing my work with Cuvillier Verlag?

fast – reliable – uncomplicated

Publishing professionally in an academic publising house has immense advantages over self-publishing. One of them is the reduced number of obligatory copies compared with private publication.

Optionally, our proof-reader is also ready to help you personally with tips and advice and to work closely with you – a service especially valuable for independent authors.

Your book will be available internationally to scientists and interested readers through our marketing efforts and our broad network of distribution partners. Our marketing also positions your book professionally as print and eBook on all channels in the scientific discourse in a up-to-date and sustainable way. Thus, your book becomes accessible not only to the academic reader, but also to everyone worldwide. We distribute your topic to specific target groups and internationally.

Quaternary Publishing – The publishing model of the future

Through our quaternary publishing model, which publishes your title as print, eBook, eCollection and Open Access we guarantee the modern basis for a wide provision of knowledge. Your research will be made available to a broad scientific audience internationally, interdisciplinarily and simultaneously.

Our internationality and our target group-specific marketing also allow us to publish your book in all languages.

With over 30 years of experience in publishing scientific papers, we enjoy the trust of the most prestigious universities and scientific authors both in Germany and internationally.

Once you have written your work as a scientific author and have captured your research in writing, you have already done most of the work for publication! Since we know that writing a scientific paper is a laborious process for authors, we would like to make the final step of publishing your book as unbureaucratic as possible. At Cuviller Verlag you can sit back comfortably as an author: read more here.

Therefore, if you are currently planning to publish a book or have already written your book, you have come to the right place. Whether your title is your first book or you have already written several books – as an author who has made writing scientific texts his profession, Cuvillier Verlag is the right place for you!

Our work is based on fast, professional and uncomplicated implementation, competent technical and organizational support, the highest print technical quality and an excellent price-performance ratio.

What does Cuvillier Verlag stand for?

professional – high-quality – always available

Anyone who wishes to publish in academia will find a comprehensive range of services at Cuvillier Verlag: with spotless service, personal advising, quick reaction time and the most up-to date printing technologies. We guarantee a high-value professional and academically qualified customer service, reliability, high quality factor, the absolute respect of deadlines and a first-class cost effectiveness.

We wish to back all authors who strive torealise a scientific publication and thus make an important contribution to our society and the state of science. As a scientific publisher, we understand how important your buch is for you, and so we highly value your research and wish to work with you so that your work is published in a quality to satisfy the highest academic demands.

We are present in every field of scientific and academic publication. No matter if you are working on a book of natural science or plan to publish in a discipline of humanities, such as history – at Cuvillier we always welcome good research.

While a high standard is self-evident for us, we know well from our own experience that your paper presents an important input for students, academic associates, professors and universities. That is why the satisfaction of our customers is at the highest level, just see it for yourself.

To anchor and position knowledge in the scientific discourse not just in an up-to-date manner, but also sustainably, to make it available and to distribute it for a fair price is our ethic-moral duty and responsibility towards the future.

Authors who choose to be published by Cuvillier have a strong partner by their side. Let us take your hand and become a part of the Cuvillier scientific community!

Quartär veröffentlichen: Mit uns schreiben Sie Zukunft

Durch unser quartäres Veröffentlichungsmodell, das Ihren Titel als Print, eBook, eCollection und Open Access
anbietet, gewährleisten wir die moderne Grundlage für eine breite Wissensbereitstellung. Hierduch wird Ihre Forschung einem breiten wissenschaftlichen Publikum international, interdiszplinär und simultan zu Verfügung gestellt.


Quartäres Veröffentlichungsmodell

Unsere Internationalität und unser zielgruppenspezifisches Marketing erlauben es uns zudem, Ihr Buch in allen Sprachen zu veröffentlichen.

Über 32 Jahre Erfahrung und 9.500 Titel verdienen auch Ihr Vertrauen!

Sobald Sie Ihre Werk als wissenschaftlicher Schriftsteller geschrieben und Ihre Forschung literarisch festgehalten haben, ist der größte Teil zu der Veröffentlichung Ihres Buches geschafft! Da wir wissen, dass das Schreiben einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit für Autoren mit viel Mühe verbunden ist, möchten wir Ihnen den letzten Schritt zur Veröffentlichung ihres Buches so unbürokratisch wie möglich gestalten.

Deshalb sind Sie bei uns richtig, wenn Sie zurzeit die Veröffentlichung Buches planen oder Ihr Buch bereits geschrieben haben. Egal ob es sich bei Ihrem Titel um Ihr erstes Buch handelt oder Sie schon mehrere Bücher geschrieben haben –beim Cuviller Verlag können Sie sich als Autor bequem zurücklehnen. Erfahren Sie mehr über den Weg zu Ihrem Buch!