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Cumulative dissertation

Publishing a doctoral thesis – cumulative doctorate or monograph?

Often doctoral candidates are faced with the question of whether to publish cumulatively or whether it makes more sense to publish as a monograph. Moreover, is it possible to switch from a cumulative doctorate to a monograph? Writing your dissertation requires a lot – time, patience, planning and heart and soul. Using scientific methods, you will work on and present problems independently. In doing so, your research results make a significant contribution to science, which deserves an appropriate placement in the world of knowledge.

The cumulative dissertation comprises several individual works – i.e. several scientific publications. Especially in empirical research, experiments and trials, this doctoral variant is often used. Especially when the time frame is limited, so that continuous work on the dissertation over a longer period is not possible.

Monographic dissertations are usually published in print or in the form of an electronic publication. Not infrequently, however, there is a concern that the research results published in whole or in part will receive little attention and that a parallel journal article must be produced.

By publishing the monograph in a scientific publishing house, however, you can achieve the greatest visibility on the global scientific terrain and have your partial results published as a complete work – your bundled knowledge is presented in one publication. By means of targeted marketing, your dissertation will achieve a great reputation and will be found and available worldwide. Moreover, you will be granted the opportunity to obtain your doctorate in a timely manner.

When publishing in journals, on the other hand, only partial articles of the thesis are published in specialist journals and this process is costly and takes years. There is also the question of whether your thesis will be accepted at all. Unfortunately, the publication of the cumulative dissertation often provides for this path, but it would be fatal to let your scientific findings fall into oblivion.

We – as an international specialist publisher – are keen to establish your years of work and significant research on the scientific terrain in a holistic, large-scale and visible manner.
Your work deserves more than a brief appearance.

Vorteile der kumulativen Doktorarbeit als Monographie

Die Veröffentlichung monografischer Dissertationen erfolgt als Printversion oder in Form einer elektronischen Publikation. Nicht selten besteht die Sorge, dass die ganz oder in Teilen veröffentlichten Forschungsergebnisse wenig Beachtung finden und eine parallele Journal Artikel Erstellung erfolgen muss. 

Durch eine Veröffentlichung Ihrer empirischen Doktorarbeit als Monographie können Sie größte Sichtbarkeit auf dem globalen Wissenschaftsterrain erzielen sowie Ihre Teilergebnisse als Gesamtwerk veröffentlichen lassen.
Ihr gebündeltes Wissen wird in einer Publikation präsentiert.

Mittels gezieltem Marketing erlangt Ihre Dissertation ein großes Ansehen und ist weltweit Auffindbar wie auch Verfügbar. Überdies wird Ihnen somit eine zeitnahe Erlangung des Doktortitels eingeräumt.

Bei der Veröffentlichung in Journals hingegen werden lediglich Teilartikel der Arbeit in Fachzeitschriften veröffentlicht und dieser Prozess zieht sich kostspielig über Jahre hinweg. Dabei ist fraglich ob eine Annahme Ihrer Arbeit überhaupt erfolgt. Die Publikation der kumulativen Dissertation sieht bedauerlicherweise häufig diesen Weg vor, jedoch wäre es fatal Ihre wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse in Vergessenheit geraten zu lassen. 

Uns – als internationaler wissenschaftlicher Fachverlag – liegt es am Herzen Ihre jahrelange Arbeit und bedeutende Forschung auf dem Wissenschaftsterrain ganzheitlich, großflächig und sichtbar zu etablieren.
Ihre Arbeit hat mehr verdient, als eine kurze Erscheinung.

Scientific publishing at Cuvillier

Advantages of publishing the dissertation as a (cum.) monograph:

  • Publication within 3-6 working days
  • Exclusive design of your book
  • Immediate award of your academic degree
  • Highest visibility & citability
  • Individual advice, support & publication options
  • Attractive author fee
  • Worldwide marketing & availability
  • Independence in the knowledge society

Our specials for you:

  • Basic Package Special
  • Online publication for 149,00€
  • Cumulative dissertation as monograph
  • Regular offers & promotions

Financing the doctoral thesis

There are several funding and financing options for the publication of your doctoral thesis. These include the VG-Wort remuneration and our established Cuvillier Science Fund, which we use to support doctoral students in financing their doctorate.

Be it, for example, a dissertation in law or a cumulative doctoral thesis in medicine. Our publishing programme covers almost all fields of science. Business and industry are also comprehensively represented by us.

Change from cumulative dissertation to monograph?

It is possible to switch between the cumulative dissertation and the monograph – even during the research process. In this case, consideration of the doctoral regulations as well as consultation with the doctoral supervisor is relevant.

There is no need to change or rewrite your thesis – you have the option of publishing your cumulative dissertation as a cumulative monograph with us. This variant is cheaper & faster than publication in journals.

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Cumulative dissertation, impact factors, and quality assurance

We have summarized the differences to publishing a dissertation as a monograph, disadvantages and information on awarding impact points for you in our blog post.

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