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INFO-BOX: Everything about VG Wort Membership and Payments

The Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (in short: VG-Wort) protects the copyright of authors, administers the rights of use and remuneration claims of its members entrusted to it by contract, and ensures appropriate remuneration for authors. You will receive the remuneration from VG Wort if your book is listed in at least two regional networks with at least five locations. There are no costs for the representation of VG Wort.

Receive royalties after your publication

Authors of scientific works are also entitled to the distributions of VG Wort. Thus, you can also claim your entitlement free of charge and without assigning further royalties. You will receive an information sheet from us after your manuscript is received and also here.

The Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort determines the royalties annually depending on the income of the society.

Authors of a publication in the field of science will receive a remuneration of € 2,300 in the distribution period 2022!

In order to benefit from the distribution, the following premises must be met:
1. the contract must be concluded before the title is published or in the year of publication.
2. the title must be registered in the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK).

Furthermore, § 48, paragraph 1 of the distribution plan VG WORT must be complied with.

You can find more detailed information as well as the ability to post your publication online on VG-Wort’s homepage.

Literar Mechana and Swissperform

A number of other countries have societies similar to VG-Wort that aim to offer a financial compensation to intellectual property owners by charging fees and accordingly, issuing royalties.

In Austria, Literar Mechana is responsible for aiding intellectual property owners:

Meanwhile, authors in Switzerland should refer to the homepage of Swissperform: