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INFO-BOX: Everything about VG Wort Membership and Payments

The Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (or VG-Wort, for short), aims to offer compensation for the damages as a result of the duplication, distribution and reproduction of copyrighted material by providing a yearly royalty to the owner of the intellectual property. You receive payments when your book appears in at least two regional networks with minimum five business locations. The services of VG Wort are free of charge.

Receive royalties after your publication

Authors of scientific and academic publications are also entitled to VG-Wort royalties, meaning that you could also be elligible to receive the royalties you are legally due without extra charges. We provide our authors with an information leaflet and an application form after submitting their manuscripts.

The payout is adjusted yearly by VG-Wort depending on their earnings.

For instance, the author of a scientific publication may receive a payment of 1.900 € for the year 2019!

Please consider the following stipulation that VG-Wort makes regarding royalties:

“The distribution plans pertaining to the payout of scientific publications determine that only the works considered for royalties are registered in at least two regional systems with at least five locations—grants will not be considered. If this stipulation is not fulfilled, the author will not receive a payout”.

If you have successfully registered your work in VG-Wort by January 30th, the payout will be transferred in July of the same year, otherwise in the following year. Also worth considering is that by applying for an author’s payout for dissertations and postdoctoral dissertations, the time between application andthe final  last oral examination cannot exceed 24 months. Publishers may only be involved in teh payments with the express consent of the author. We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding VG-Wort.

The collection agreement must be signed before the publication of the book or in the year of publication.

You can find more detailed information as well as the ability to post your publication online on VG-Wort’s homepage:

Literar Mechana and Swissperform

A number of other countries have societies similar to VG-Wort that aim to offer a financial compensation to intellectual property owners by charging fees and accordingly, issuing royalties.

In Austria, Literar Mechana is responsible for aiding intellectual property owners:

Meanwhile, authors in Switzerland should refer to the homepage of Swissperform: