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Sponsorship and funding for your publication

You are looking for ways to finance your:

  • Dissertation/doctoral thesis
  • Postdoctoral lecture qualification
  • Open Access publication?

We subsidise PhD students with 250€

Cuvillier Publishing supports talented academics in publishing their outstanding research. Every month we select one excellent paper to receive a grant of 250,00€.

How to participate: After submitting your work and signing the publishing agreement, we will automatically include you in the Cuvillier Science fund and consider your work for selection.*

We will help you finance your PhD!

How can you participate: After submitting your work and signing the publishing agreement, we will automatically include you in the Cuvillier Science fund and consider your work in the selection process.*

We will help you with the financing of your doctorate!

Promotion and Subsidy Fund Science/VG-Wort

The VG Wort Wissenschaftsförderfonds grants printing subsidies to doctoral candidates.

Prerequisite for applying for a grant:

  • First publication of scientific works that cannot otherwise be published due to their specialisation
  • Habilitations on special topics
  • Scientific monographs on special topics

A committee of publishers and academics decides on funding.
Further information at:

Dissertation Grants

Landesgraduiertenstipendien (Scholarships)

Landesgraduiertenstipendien are awarded by individual universities.

Requirements for applying for funding:

  • An above-average examination
  • The publication must make an important contribution to science and scholarship
  • The funding period is usually 2 years and can be extended by a further year if necessary.
  • The contact person is the university at which the dissertation is written

German Research Foundation (DFG)

The DFG funds young graduate researchers with an interdisciplinary focus who are involved in research. Currently, approximately 300 Research Training Groups have been established at universities and their institutions.

Requirements for applying for funding:

  • The age limit of 28 years must not be exceeded
  • Very good final examinations
  • Funding period: 2 years, optionally extendable by max. 1 year.
Further information at

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The DAAD grants its scholarship holders, among other things, printing subsidies for their academic publications and is of particular interest to international academics.

Requirements for applying for a grant:

  • Foreign university graduates with a research stay in Germany
  • German university graduates with research projects abroad
Further information at

Organisations for the Promotion of the Gifted

These 10 organisations for the promotion of gifted students award scholarships that are funded by government grants. Funding period: 1 year, optionally extendable for 1 or 2 years.

Requirements for applying for a grant:
Are to be inquired at the respective Begabtenförderungswerke, as they are defined differently.

- Konrad Adenauer Foundation (
- Friedrich Ebert Foundation (
- Friedrich Naumann Foundation (
- Hanns Seidel Foundation (
- Heinrich Böll Foundation (
- German National Academic Foundation (
- Cusanuswerk (
- Protestant Academic Foundation (
- Hans Böckler Foundation (
- Foundation of German Business – Klaus Murmann Study Support Agency (

Funding for habilitations

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Funding areas:

  • Research at universities
  • Research at publicly funded research institutes

Prerequisite for applying for funding:

  • The research must take place within Germany
  • All areas of science are covered
  • Completed scientific training

Support is provided for

  • Scholarships
  • Grants in kind
  • Research semesters
  • congresses
  • etc.
Further information at:

Funding for Open Access

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The BMBF supports private individuals, universities and research institutions in funding open access publications.

Funding areas:

  • Private individual
  • University
  • Research institution

Prerequisite for applying for funding:

  • The research must take place within Germany (“nationwide”)
  • Funding area is research & innovation (open topic)
  • Must be a completed BMBF-funded project (Post-Grant-Fund)

Publication costs are supported

  • up to EUR 2,000 (net) per publication, 100 percent of the publication costs,
  • in the case of higher expenses, an additional 20 percent of the additional amount, up to a maximum of EUR 2,400 (net) per publication.

Further information can be found here.

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Funding areas:

  • Universities
  • Research institutions

Prerequisite for applying for funding:

  • Funding within the framework of the “Publication Grants” programme – i.e. no support for exclusively Open Access publications.

Support is provided:

  • Flat-rate publication funds (e.g. fees for Open Access publications).

Further information is available here.

Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research (FWF)

The FWF provides financial support for the publication of peer-reviewed (open access) publications under the following programmes:

  • Independent publications (for peer-reviewed book publications such as monographs, anthologies, etc. as well as web-based publications).
  • Refereed publications (for publications in scientific journals, on Open Access platforms, in edited volumes or proceedings).

Requirements for application:

  • Persons who carry out their scientific activities predominantly in Austria or under the responsibility of an Austrian research institution abroad.
  • Publications by authors abroad are only funded if the work is the result of an FWF-funded project.
  • Institutes, institutions or companies are not eligible to apply for funding.
  • Habilitations and revised dissertations by persons abroad are funded up to three years after completion of the work if they were carried out and accepted under the responsibility of an Austrian research institution

Support is provided for

  • Production costs
  • Editing and translations
  • Open Access fees

Further information at:

Aid from private foundations and tax benefits.

All private foundations or research funding institutions can be found at

A selection:

  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  • Fritz Thyssen Foundation 
  • Time Foundation

Tax benefits
The costs of your dissertation can be claimed under certain circumstances as special expenses or income-related expenses within the framework of the tax regulations. For more information, please contact your tax advisor.

Do you still have questions about the applications or need more information?
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*All scientific works from 01.01.2022 in an order amount of at least 600,00€ will be considered for the selection.