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Publishing research paper

Scientific publishing with Cuvillier Verlag

The publication of research results serves as a basis for the continuous safeguarding and dissemination of knowledge gained.
Scientific investigations are recorded in a research article. Research methods are presented and backgrounds explained. These findings make a significant contribution to science, research and the economy.

The research report is the communication medium of science for informing the knowledge community.
This makes a corresponding publication all the more important.
Often, publication in specialist journals or periodicals is envisaged for this purpose, but a brief appearance of such significant findings is not sufficient. Current research must also be available to the public in the long term and visibly, so that constant progress is guaranteed.

For us as a scientific publisher, the visualisation and dissemination of research methods and data is fundamental. Therefore, we would like to place your scientific work professionally on the scientific terrain.

We guarantee you the best possible publication of research data:

  • a smooth publication process in 3-6 days
  • professional author support and advice
  • reliability & highest quality
  • comprehensive publication options
  • individual design & layout
  • worldwide visibility & availability
  • implementation of your personal wishes
  • 24-hour publication – Cuvillier SOS service

Through our quaternary publishing model, we offer you different forms of publication for scientific quality assurance.

You can publish your research knowledge with us as an electronic publication (eBook), print version or Open Access. We also integrate your work into the Cuvillier eCollection, for maximum visibility and citation by institutional users.

Let our range of services inspire you to publish your research.

Research funding?

We would be happy to inform you about possible funding and promotion opportunities with regard to your scientific publication.

At the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, you will find a wealth of information about funding research through funding organisations, funding programmes and funding databases.

In addition, we have established our Cuvillier Science Fund to promote research work and subsidise excellent papers with 250 euros.

Please also note the funding provided by the DFG (Deutsche Förderungsgemeinschaft), which promotes scientific quality and excellence.

Our ambition:

A serious and successful publication in combination with 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Don’t let your research be forgotten as the cornerstone of scientific progress & publish your findings with a future.

Operating internationally, we enjoy a high reputation and cooperate with the most prestigious colleges, universities, libraries, research institutes and other esteemed players in the scientific field. In this way, your work can be given the greatest credibility and attention.

We want any kind of scientific research to be positioned accordingly and you yourself as an author to benefit from it.

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