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Publish your master thesis in our publishing house

You have made it, your studies are complete! 

Many graduates are faced with the question of whether they should publish their master’s thesis. The master’s thesis is ideal for publication and represents the crowning conclusion of your achievements to date. 

Why? A publication can positively influence your career ahead of time and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Not only does it give you and your work visibility, but it also establishes you as an expert in your field. Early specializations are highlighted and give you a reputation in the world of knowledge and business.

Show your expertise and don’t hide it on your hard drive!

Study – become an author & make a career – we support you.

Publish your master thesis – your advantages:

  • Awareness – not only in scientific circles
  • Advantageous for a later academic career
  • Laying the foundation for a career
  • Promote your resume
  • Improve application chances
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in professional circles
  • Demonstrate your expert knowledge
  • Increase your chance for a doctoral scholarship
  • Participation in e.g. study awards
  • Author’s fee

The final thesis usually only serves as an examination achievement for graduating from university. Years of work, heart and soul and innovation have driven you to finish your scientific elaboration.

Despite the fact that there is no obligation to publish your work during your studies, a serious publication implies many opportunities.

How much does it cost to publish the master thesis?

The costs of a publication vary greatly – basically you have to expect prices from 400 to well over 1000€.

We provide affordable & professional publication according to your requirements.

Find out more about our Basic Package Special or the exclusive Online-Publication for only 159€. Through the Basic Package Special you can also hold your published master thesis in your hands as a finished book.


Affordable publication of your master thesis

Where can you publish your master thesis?

In principle, there is no obligation to publish the thesis in Germany. Nevertheless, it is free to distribute them commercially. 

On the Internet there are many ways to make the scientific work available to the public, for example, a publication of the master’s thesis as an e-book, through the publication server of the university or a specialized publisher. 
Through a publishing house, your work acquires a completely different position on the scientific terrain. This will also have a positive effect on your future application procedures.

We publish your master thesis as a book and position it in the appropriate scientific environment.

Our publishing benefits for you:

 But… Can I sell my master’s thesis?

The rights for the publication of a work are regulated among other things in the publication right § 12 UrhG. 
This states that you as the author have the right to decide how and whether your work is published. 
To answer your question specifically: Yes, you may publish your thesis and have it distributed by a publisher. 
If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you!

Why publish the master’s thesis in the publishing house?

At Cuvillier Publishing your master thesis will be published uncomplicated & fast. 
You don’t need to worry about anything, just submit your file to us and let us know your wishes. 
You decide how many author’s copies you choose or whether you prefer online-only publication.

Benefits are:

  • High reputation
  • Global visibility & discoverability 
  • Financial gain through distribution
  • Formatting, layout & proofreading options
  • Creation of an eBook

Your thesis will be produced using the book-on-demand method. Printing is done only when you order a book – you do not pay for the books in advance, demand determines the print run of your work.

Publish your thesis & earn money

We market your master thesis worldwide with ISBN – as print and/or eBook – with an attractive author fee. 
Through these and other publishing services, your thesis reaches the general public and achieves reach.

To illustrate this for you: 
People are searching the Internet for information about your topic. Through the marketing measures and global activities of the publisher, your title will be findable. Advantages, such as sales, the increase of citation or the quick finding by a potential employer result for you. 
Likewise, your master’s thesis will be available as a book in bookstores and libraries. Our broad distribution network spans many network partners.

Don’t let your thesis gather dust on the shelf – take advantage of the chances of success of a publication.


Publish your bachelor thesis? Our experts are also available to help you with this and will prepare cost-effective offers for you.

Get a free quote – you will receive feedback in 12 hours at the latest


If you have any questions, our technical experts are at your disposal

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Online-Publikation als Ebook

Durch die Online-Veröffentlichung als Ebook wird die Masterarbeit digital zugänglich gemacht.

Open Access

Mit dem Open-Access-Modell wird die Masterarbeit frei zugänglich und kostenlos für alle Interessierten zur Verfügung gestellt.

Teil einer Schriftenreihe der TOP MASTER & BACHELOR

Die Aufnahme in eine angesehene Schriftenreihe verleiht der Arbeit zusätzliches Prestige und Anerkennung.

Book on Demand

Durch das Book-on-Demand-Verfahren wird die Masterarbeit erst bei Bestellung eines Buches gedruckt.