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The Route to Your Book

Competent author support – quick, simple, unbureaucratic


As soon as you hand your data over to us, we take the work over - you can sit back and relax .

1. Contact us

Contact us via email, phone, fax or by using our email formula on our homepage. For a non-binding quote and comprehensive information regarding our services we will get back to you within 12 hours of your request.

2. Submission of your publication

Send us your publication as a file (PDF, PS, Word) via email or CD and enclose the signed print and publication order.

3. Cover design

We design a cover in colour according to your individual taste. Authors are also able to customize their covers to their liking.

4. Test print

You will receive a proof of concept (test print) as well as all other necessary administrative documents on the same or the following work day.

5. Review of the test print

If you are satisfied with the proof of concept, you can grant us clearance to print and mail back the publishing contract and other associated documents to us.

Let us know should you find any mistakes or would like to make changes to the proof of concept. It is best to send us the modified file. If your change requests are to be carried out by us, we will inform you of the approximate time required any and additional cost(s).

If you would like to receive a second proof of concept after changes were made, we will mail it to you for the nominal fee of 25 Euro.

6. Clearance for printing

After confirming your work is free of any errors, please provide us with clearance for printing.

7. Marketing

Our extensive marketing campaign is carried out simultaneously and will continue in the future. We offer the option of a summary of your work including keywords and your author’s profile on our website, all of which is of course completely at the author’s discretion.

8. Production and shipping

Your publication is shipped to you within 1-5 work days. We allow pick-up directly from our headquarters as well.

9. Distribution

We will continue to be dedicated to providing you with the smoothest possible processing, support and distribution of your publication.

We aim to provide the best possible positioning of your title within the international scientific community.

Quaternary Publishing – The publishing model of the future

Through our quaternary publishing model, which publishes your title as print, eBook, eCollection and Open Access we guarantee the modern basis for a wide provision of knowledge. Your research will be made available to a broad scientific audience internationally, interdisciplinarily and simultaneously.

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