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Your Individual Cover Design

Tailored for Your Needs – a Modern, Professional Cover for Your Book

Our graphics design is with you from every step of the way; from dream to realisation. Thanks to our state-of-the-art hardware, and software as well as the expertise of our staff, we are able to visualize your research in an appealing and modern manner.

If you need a little inspiration, below are some examples of our previous work. Worth noting as well is that multi-colour covers are free of charge.

Some examples of our cover designs:


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The Sleeking process – a great optic enhancement!

The sleeking process – also optically a brilliant achievement!

Cuvillier Verlag is your point of contact when it comes to envelope design using the sleeking process! Our goal is to publish visually appealing and unique dissertations. Enhance your academic achievement with a publication in an elegant sleeking cover, which presents your dissertation in the best light – because perfection is our trade.

What is sleeking?

You have successfully finished your dissertation and, of course, would now like to proudly present your book? Would you like to honor your hard work as an author with a special cover design? Would you like to stand out visually from other dissertations?

Refine the cover of your book with the sleeking process! Special sleeking foils can be used to highlight individual elements such as fonts and pictures on the cover of your dissertation. Your publication catches everyone’s eye with its high-quality cover design and brings your work the attention it deserves.


Durchgang 1: Silkfeel

How does the process work?

Using sleeking, individual motif elements can be created on the book cover with metallic effects. The motif to be emphasized is printed using a toner-based digital printing system.

The printed sheets with the sleeking film lying on them are then processed with a laminator, so that the desired gloss effect is created. Thereby the toner surface becomes smooth and shiny or a metallic foil is applied.


Durchgang 2: Sleeking

What is the advantage of sleeking?

Your book will automatically look more high-quality and respectable if you add an iridescent effect to it.

Sleeking products have a tactile and visual effect. Headlines, images or graphics act as eye-catchers thanks to the sleeking process and thus draw attention to your work. The change between matt and glossy elements creates a fascinating effect.


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