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Quality: Digital Printing


State-of-the-art technology, fast and on time production in house

There are several printing processes, differentiated by their technology, colour, procedure and efficiency. 

A possible process that is especially suitable for large number prints, is offset printing. In this case printing plates are used and large, already folded pages are printed. For smaller scale printing projects the production of the plates is not worthwile.

Our printing technology – digital print

Another possibility is digital print – a method especially suitable for smaller print-runs. The printing data is sent directly into a printing machine from a file or a data source, and not via a static printing plate. 

In the last years we have made several successful investments in digital printing, so that we can utilize the most recent printing technology in publishing – to further improve the quality of both our colour and black and white products.   

Digital printing makes it possible to offer you high-quality at a low pricing level. It also enables us to process your wishes fast and individually.

Multicolour cover binding

Digital print also makes it possible for you to have a full-colour cover on your book that fits your individual wishes.

For multi-colour print, also in case of small-print publications, we offer a wide choice of high-quality cardboard. You also have the option of matt or glossy lamination – this ensures durability and a longer lifespan of your books, together with a higher aesthetic niveau.

Full-colour binding – with no extra costs!

Beside our high-speed printing machines in the last years we have also improved our production by offering the so-called sleeking-process. By this we can, by the wish of our authors, produce haptic or metallic effects in our cover designs, to provide an extraordinary optical experience. Learn more about our cover design and printing process. Our printers enable us to offer you several publication formats: DIN A5, DIN B5, DIN A4 or our Pocketedition - and all that for an unbeatable cost-effectivity. Contact us and ask for your personalised, non-binding publication quote!

High-quality and sustainable materials

We print all our doctoral dissertations, habilitations, scientific monographs, research reports, anthologies, commemorative publications, project
reports, brochures and other publications exclusively on paper from strictly-controlled, sustainable organic forests. Our paper supplier is repeatedly certified and guarantees the highest quality of your publication. We also offer print-on-demand, so your publication is always available for potential buyers – in a fast, flexible and sustainable way.

Lamination not only protects your publication but also comes with the added benefit of superior aesthetics. Our cold-glue binding technique guarantees optimal processing and durability of your publication.

Your strong partner

Your vantage point with Cuvillier makes the difference: simply send us your manuscript in digital form to and you can sit back and relax.

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