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Our Emergency Printing Service for You

If emergencies occur we stand by your side with our SOS service.

A strong partner by your side – even in emergencies

Special situations call for special measures.

If time is of the essence, shortening production times is all the more essential. Upon submission of a complete file, we are able to print your publication within two days.

However, upon short notice we unfortunately cannot provide you with a proof of concept. Clearance for printing must also be granted when you submit the file. With express shipping, your printed copies can be available in three business days.

You can fond the form hor the Emergency Print Service here.

Naturally, you must understand that this special service entails a 100,00 € surcharge.

If you are not available for a delivery date, e.g. you happen to be abroad or have moved, we will be happy to send your author copies after you or, if needed, overtake the distribution from you entirely.

Publishing timely with every benefit

Throught the emergency service our team offers you the security of publishing in a timely manner also in extraordinary situations. You are still entitled to all the benefits of publishing with Cuvillier:  Unsere Mitarbeiter bieten unseren Kunden dank unseres SOS Services auch in Notfällen stets die Sicherheit, rechtzeitig zu publizieren. Dabei erhalten Sie alle Vorteile einer Publikation im Cuvillier Verlag: trust the decades-long expreience of our company that allows us to realise every project in a short time and a highly professional manner. Read more about our range of services.

Through cooperation with our highly efficient distribution partners and the seamless connection with our professional marketing we are able to guarantee a comprehensive and target group-oriented distribution of your title. Read more about our network of distribution partners.