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Why Choose Cuvillier?

experienced – competent – successful – persuasive
These are the foundations on which we build our work with you!

Why choose Cuvillier? With decades-worth of industry experience and high-end technical equipment, we are able to produce high-quality products which easily exceed even the most discerning of authors’ expectations.

1. Your advantage through a competent and qualified publishing team:

  • Publishing experience
  • Personalised customer support
  • Complete checking of your data (Word,LaTeX, PDF)
  • Swift, unbureaucratic processing
  • Outstanding value for money, strict deadlines

2. Your advantage through modern publishing and printing technology:

  • Rapid turn-around: shipping within 1-5 business days of printing clearance
  • Monochrome or multi-colour cover with individual design free of charge. For more information, please click here.
  • Hardcover available upon request
  • Unparalleled execution of text and images in print thanks to the latest digital printing technologies
  • Parallel to the production of your printed books we also produce them as eBooks

3. Your advantage through our international marketing:

  • International marketing and distribution models
  • Continuous supply of discipline-specific journals with our new and current publications, including comprehensive information
  • All our publications are reported to the German books in print index
    (Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher, VLB) and therefore are announced to the
    publishing industry before publication. Amongst other things, this
    guarantees a wide distribution.
  • All offline publications are possible to be published online without additional charge
  • International prominence

4. Your financial advantage with Cuvillier:

  • Direct submission of the obligatory copies of your work
  • Stable pricing structure through optimal price-performance ratio
  • VG WORT payout is owed to the author
Publishing with us allows you to publish your work to your university’s online
database. If the regulations of your university requires changes to our
publication contract, please inform us. We would be more than happy to
accomodate any university policies.

5. Your advantage in visibility and reputation- Quaternary publication:

The quaternary of

  1. Print
  2. eBook
  3. eCollection
  4. Open Access
offers the modern basis for a broad provision of knowledge. Thus, we enable interdisciplinary research from the same knowledge pool through simultaneous access by all participants.  In this way we enable a target group specific visibility of your research on all channels.

A publication of your book by our publishing house does not exclude a potentially required online publication of your work on the server of your university. If the regulations of your institution require changes in the publishing contract, please let us know. We will be happy to accommodate you in this regard.

With us, you are writing the future!

Eine Publikation Ihres Buches durch unseren Verlag schließt eine etwaige notwendige Online-Veröffentlichung Ihrer Arbeit auf dem Server Ihrer Universität nicht aus. Wenn durch das Reglement Ihrer Universität Passagen im Verlagsvertrag zu ändern sind, teilen Sie uns dies bitte mit. Wir werden Ihnen hierbei gerne entgegen kommen.