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All the Important Contracts and Forms for an Uncomplicated Publication Process

Publishing a book does not only consist of writing the text and sending it to us. There are a number documents and forms to be filled out. On this site, following the links, you can find information on the forms and further know-how on when and how to fill them out. Our team is also there for you if you need any further clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your individual Publication Contract

Publication as a book with our publishing house doesn’t exclude a possible mandatory publication of your work on your university’s server. If the regulations of your university call for changes in our contracts of publication, please inform us. We are happy to find a solution together.

All the most important forms at a glance

Below you can find all important documents as pdfs for downloading and printing.

Our forms briefly explained

If you would like to publish with us, the most important for you are the Order Form, the Contract of Publication and the Printing Clearance form. If the publication has to be done quickly for certain reasons, you will also find the form and information about the Express Order above.

After your publication, we would be happy if you filled out the
customer satisfaction form. This form helps us to find out what we can improve in our process. If you were satisfied with our services, you are also welcome to take part in our Author Referral program.

General information on all applications and forms as well as shipping costs can also be obtained from our author support team by email at The content of the forms and what they are needed for can also be found on the respective pages (see above).

We provide all forms and applications as a download on our website. You can also fill out some applications electronically and send them back to us as an attachment. As soon as we receive your requests, we will process them immediately. If there are any questions, we will contact you.

With our reliable service and competent support, you can sit back and relax

You write your book – we take care of a professional publication for you. You don’t have to worry about bureaucracy. Our services include complete support from the publication quote to the finished publication. As soon as you have sent us a publication offer by email, we will do everything else for you. We will send you the necessary documents and you only have to fill in the forms and sign them if necessary.

If you are not certain about some forms, we will be happy to help you and provide you with explanations. It is important to note that request forms must always be signed.

After you have given us your publication order – in print or electronically – we will send you the publishing contract and you will give us the print approval after reviewing the sample print.