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100% Customer Satisfaction is the highest Goal of our Company Philosophy

Only satisfied customers are good customers!

No matter what sort of company you talk about, a high customer satisfaction is always an importan goal. We in Cuvillier are always striving to make our customers happy and so build intensive customer loyalty. Our goal is to convince you with the quality of our work.  

We place high value in customer satisfaction and would like to request your help!

Please share your experience so that we can keep improving and optimizing our performance and service.

We will take your constructive suggestions for improvement into account.

As an author, you certainly come to us with certain expectations. Naturally, we strive to meet your expectations and wish that your experience with us and our services are positive and thus we will be able to retain you as a loyal and satisfied customer. Please give us individual feedback about our services and your satisfaction with the result, your published book.
We would be happy to talk about your expectations and to hear afterwards whether you were satisfied with us and our services. This is the only way we can continuously optimize and improve our performance and service.

In order to measure satisfaction, we would like to ask you to fill out our customer satisfaction questionnaire and to send it to us via our email address We will take your constructive suggestions for improvement into account in order to increase our quality.
You, our customer, can bring a lot to our company. If your experience was a positive one, we would be happy if you could help us win new customers.

As a publishing house, you can target your customer base through targeted marketing e.g. social media and thus increase your sales. However, the most effective is the personal recommendation from a satisfied and loyal customer.

You can pass on your customer satisfaction to us in several ways. In addition to the questionnaire, you are welcome to describe your expectations and experiences when you rate our company on Google.

Otherwise, you can show your satisfaction with our service by participating in our Author Referral Campaign. As a satisfied customer, you can recommend us to your colleagues and thus draw attention to our company.

As a customer, you are our priority in the company. We want to learn from your positive experiences. It is important to us to establish long-term customer loyalty.

Our questions to measure customer satisfaction:

  • Customer satisfaction with the cover design and quality of the colors
  • How satisfied are you with the binding?
  • Customer satisfaction with the pictures and the graphics?
  • Customer satisfaction with the print quality?
  • Customer satisfaction with the delivery time
  • How satisfied are you with the support from our company?
  • How do you, as a customer find our price-performance ratio?
  • Would you recommend us as an existing customer?
  • Has the satisfaction with the quality had a positive influence on a possible recommendation?