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The Cuvillier Order Form: simple and unbureaucratic

Fill out your Order Form anline or offline!

In order to process your request or order as fast as possible and to your full satisfaction, you can fill out the Contract-Form also online. Our recommendation is to download an order form here in PDF format and simply send it to us by email so we can complete your order as fast as possible.
We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with you!

As contractors we take our duties that you bestow upon us with the Order Form, very seriously. This is why, preceding the contract we send you an individual, non-biding quote. You can find here more information about the process following the submission of your order. This document represents our task to realise your publication at the highest possible quality. The Contract we sign also binds us to this service. You can find more information about our contracts here. After receiving your Order Form we will send you the Contract together with the Proofing Copy of your publication, which we produce for you following the details in your Order. We are happy to work on the layout and the typesetting of your publication, if you give instructions in your form. You may use our templates for Word (Arial and TimesNewRoman) and LaTeX freely. We are also happy to produce an individual cover design for your title. You can find some suggestions for the cover layout here. In addition, our services include a quality-certified production process, which helps your work to become an outstanding publication. Even after you have given us your order and your title has been published, we are happy to continue to advise you, e.g. concerning questions about VG Wort.

Your order represents the beginning of our cooperation. As soon as your order has reached us, our company starts working on the excellent placement of your publication on the scientific terrain. We take your individual order seriously and market your title in a way that is tailored to your target group and your field of specialty. Do you have any further questions about our services? More information can be found here. We are also happy to answer your questions about the order personally by phone or via email (

Place your order with us – we look forward to a successful cooperation with you!

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