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Simple and effortless - Direct Debit Mandate

After we have accompanied you through the entire publication process, you will receive your finished book. We offer our know-how, production effort and material as well as upscale
hard- and software without advance payment and place our trust in you. In turn, we would be very grateful if you transferred the amount invoiced to our account, preferably through a direct debit mandate.

Multiple ways to pay on your invoice

You can give us a direct debit authorization by SEPA mandate or you can receive a written invoice from us stating the amount to be paid, which you should then transfer to our account with a payment term of 10 days. If you cannot meet the deadline for certain reasons, please contact us promptly.

For the SEPA direct debit procedure, you will find the form for granting us direct debit authorization on this page. You have to fill this out and send it back to us signed. As soon as you have given us your consent to the direct debit procedure, we will withdraw the amount from your account via our account-holding bank and collect the money. If you want to transfer the money by direct debit, we do not incur any fees.

For the direct debit authorization, it is important that you provide your bank and account details correctly and fill out the form completely. Please let us know if your bank details have changed. In this case you have to give us a new direct debit authorization.

You are also welcome to pay the money by invoice directly to our account through bank transfer. There are no extra fees incurred in the process. Our bank details and account information can be found on the invoice issued to you. Please enter your customer number as the purpose.

Adhering to the payment deadline makes it easier for us to process our bookkeeping and gives us planning security for further projects.

In order to be able to keep offering our customers excellent value for money while maintaining fast shipping times and high quality, we would be very grateful if you could pay the invoice amount promptly after receiving the invoice. This is easiest for us if you agree to a payment trhrough direct debit mandate.

If you have any questions about direct debit, paying on account or debited amounts, please feel free to contact our author support team at

You may find more information in our general terms and conditions about payments and our cancellation policy.

The document that gives us your direct debit authorization can be downloaded from on this page. Please print it out and sign it before you send it to us.