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Satisfied with your Publication? Recommend us to your peers and colleagues!

We believe that the personal recommendation in our publishing house is the best advertising because it is authentic and honest! Help us to attract new customers or authors. If you are satisfied with our performance, we would be very happy if you could recommend us – there is something in it for you, too.

As a thank you, you will receive a bonus from us for every new customer you refer to us. The amount of this premium depends on the order value of the new customer or author. The premium will be transferred after the new customer sends us his or her order.

… and receive a bonus!

Brochures, posters, flyers and distribution cost a lot of money, waste resources and are an environmental burden.

We think that a personal recommendation – after a successful publication in our publishing house – is the best promotion because it is authentic and honest.

Recommend us to your scientific environment and profit of our bonus upon successful recruitment:

  • receive 25 € for a recommendation with a contract value up to 500 €
  • receive 50 € for a recommendation with a contract value up to 1000 €

Individual support, quality, stable prices and adherence to delivery dates are the foundation of our work.

Simply click here to fill out or online form Author Referral Program or download the form from here and send it back to Cuvillier. We are happy to send you your premium!


Author Referral Program

The personal recommendation of satisfied customers

There are different ways to advertise your services as a company. Marketing through flyers or other printed materials are an option, but require a lot of resources. A personal recommendation from a satisfied customer is often much more effective than a flyer that you might see somewhere.

We started the customer program in order to give other scientists the opportunity to publish their research with us in an unbureaucratic manner and in top quality. Your recommendation also gives other researchers the chance to get to know us as a publisher. And we can thus expand the scientific community and inform others about the research topic through our numerous sales opportunities and thus make a contribution to knowledge transfer.

We are also happy to provide you with further information about our publishing house, which you can then pass on to your colleagues in your institute or office. For us, every referred customer means another opportunity to pass on knowledge.

In addition to directly contacting colleagues, you are also welcome to write a recommendation online. A Google rating is a good way for us to increase our reputation. If you write a recommendation on Google, we have an offer for you: Either you can choose an e-book of your choice, which we would send you free of charge, or you can choose one of our three business card designs and we will print out your personalized business cards. You will receive more information about recommending our publisher via Google a few weeks after your successful publication.

Recommend us to a friend or colleague and benefit from our Author Referral Program.