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What Authors need to know

For us, the authors always come first! On this page we provide you with relevant information as well as tips and tricks on topics such as scientific publishing. It does not matter whether you want to publish your dissertation, habilitation or a conference or congress volume – here all researchers will find useful information for their publication process. Of course, young authors of scientific literature and students can also benefit from our content. See it for yourself!

Erinnerung: Cuvillier-Frühsommeraktion | 10%-Willkommensrabatt

Sie stehen kurz vor der Vollendung und Veröffentlichung Ihrer wissenschaftlichen Abhandlung? Dann möchten wir Sie an unsere Cuvillier-Frühsommeraktion erinnern. Bis zum 30. Juni 2021 können Sie von bis zu 10 %-Willkommensrabatt* bei Ihrer Erstveröffentlichung in unserem Verlagshaus profitieren. Wir laden Sie herzlich dazu ein Teil der Cuvillier Wissenschafts-Community zu werden.

Wir übernehmen alle Schritte Ihrer Veröffentlichung – also lehnen Sie sich zurück! Persönliche Betreuung, 100 %-Kundenzufriedenheit und höchste Qualitätsansprüche zeichnen unsere Arbeit aus. Alle Vorteile einer Veröffentlichung im Cuvillier Verlag finden Sie hier →

Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Fordern Sie noch heute Ihr individuelles und vor allem unverbindliches Publikationsangebot an →

Göttinger aufgepasst! Unter allen lokalen Publikationsaufträgen in diesem Zeitraum, verlosen wir zusätzlich einen Gutschein der Weinhandlung Bremer.

Veröffentlichen in Schriftenreihen | Vorteile für Autoren

Es ist vollbracht! Die wissenschaftliche Abhandlung ist nach einem langen Arbeitsprozess vollendet und nun steht “nur” noch die Veröffentlichung des eigenen Werkes bevor. Doch welche Vorteile bietet die Veröffentlichung in einer Schriftenreihe mir als Autor*in? Diese Frage beantworten wir unserem aktuellen Video.

Schriftenreihen bieten nicht nur Autor*innen Vorteile, auch Herausgeber und Universiäten können von dieser Veröffentlichungsvariante profitieren. Alle Informationen dazu haben wir in unserem Blogbeitrag für Sie zusammengestellt.


Cuvillier Frühsommeraktion | 10%-Willkommensrabatt

Sie stehen kurz vor der Vollendung und #Veröffentlichung Ihrer #Dissertation, #Habilitation oder einer anderen wissenschaftlichen Arbeit? Dann laden wir Sie herzlich dazu ein Teil der Cuvillier Community zu werden! Bis zum 30. Juni 2021 können Sie von bis zu 10%-Willkommenrabatt* bei Ihrer Erstveröffentlichung in unserem Verlagshaus profitieren.

Hochqualitativ, unschlagbar schnell und mit höchster internationaler Sichtbarkeit übernehmen wir alle Schritte Ihrer Veröffentlichung – also lehnen Sie sich zurück! Alle Vorteile einer Veröffentlichung im Cuvillier Verlag finden Sie hier →

Holen Sie sich noch heute Ihr unverbindliches Publikationsangebot ein → Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Die Cuvillier Ostergrüße 2021

Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie schöne Ostertage.

Auch wenn Ostern 2021 durch den steigenden Inzidenzwert nicht wie gewohnt stattfinden kann, genießen Sie die Tage mit Ihren Lieben.

Nach den Feiertagen ist Ihr Cuvillier Team wie gewohnt für Sie da und unterstützt Sie bei der Veröffentlichung von Titeln aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. Ob Dissertation, Habilitation oder Forschungsband – wir sind Ihr starker Partner!

Wir unterstützen die Aufrechterhaltung des Wissenstransfers | OpenAccess Aktion Print und eBook

Forschung und Lehre finden zwar digital statt, doch die (Universitäts-)bibliotheken sind geschlossen. Der Zugriff auf wissenschaftliche​ Publikationen wird vielen Studierenden​ auf diese Weise erschwert. Wir als wissenschaftlicher Fachverlag sehen es daher als unsere ethische und moralische Verpflichtung an nicht nur den Forschungs- und Lehrbetrieb, sondern auch die Studierenden zu unterstützen.

Wir möchten Sie daher auf zwei besondere Aktionen aufmerksam machen, die wir speziell zur Aufrechterhaltung des Wissenstransfers​ in Krisenzeiten ins Leben gerufen haben. Mehr Informationen dazu erhalten Sie im Video.

Alle kostenlosen OpenAccess​- und Lageraktionstitel finden Sie hier​.

Schnell sein lohnt sich: Sobald eine Print-Aktionstitel nicht mehr im Lager vorhanden ist, bieten wir ihn wieder zum Normalpreis an.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! Stay healthy, enjoy the days despite the current situation and gather strength for 2021.

Corona aids for students and doctoral candidates

The Covid 19 crisis has just hit many #students and #doctoral students hard financially. Therefore, we would like to show in this video different possibilities that students and doctoral candidates who are in financial need can take advantage of. We will discuss the #funding programs of the German government, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the financing through scholarships and third-party funding.

The Cuvillier Verlag also supports students and doctoral candidates during this special time. Currently, we provide more than 3500 titles (print and eBook) free of charge as OpenAccess. ➡ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

We are there for you!

Also in Corona times we are there for you as usual! Would you also like to publish this year? We are your strong partner for scientific publications.

You can also benefit from our winter promotion until 31.12.2020. For a publication order of 1000€ or more you will receive a 10% discount, for an order up to 1000€ 5%.

You can find more information at

Our Statement for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020

It’s here again: the time for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 to get started – digitally. We, as a publisher are truly glad that this event did not have to be cancelled like many othe fairs in this year. Although the Book Fair in 2020 is different from the others, we are happy to be able to present our titles, authors and products to an international audience of experts.

Tips for the right time management during your doctorate

Have you ever been under time stress while writing a scientific paper or maybe even had the feeling of losing track of things? We would like to help you! In our video you will find helpful tips for the right time management, so that you can avoid getting under pressure in the future.

One thing is clear: Every scientific work, no matter whether it is a term paper, bachelor’s or doctoral thesis, requires structured planning in order to be completed successfully and as stress-free as possible. In university networks and scientific forums there are countless different approaches to the right time management when planning and writing a scientific paper. Today we would like to give you some valuable tips in a condensed form.

9 Tips for a perfect digital presentation – your way to success

Digital presentations have become a part of everyday life – not only in the scientific field. To make your presentation a complete success, we have compiled our best tips for designing presentations with programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi.

Overcoming a writer’s block – 8 tips for loosening the “knot in the head”

You are suffering from a writer’s block and don’t know how to solve it?

Our video today is aimed at all authors who suffer from writer’s block. You may know the problem when the writing process simply does not want to get going. The preparatory work for the text is finished, all information is available and “only” needs to be sorted. But at exactly this point you feel inhibited and the words don’t really want to be put down on paper. There are countless causes for the phenomenon of writer’s block and at least as many tips for overcoming it.

In this video we have summarized our 8 best tips and tricks for overcoming writer’s block that will help you to loosen the “knots in your head” and stimulate the flow of writing.

Mental stress during the doctorate – How to stay positive and motivated

With our new video we address all prospective doctoral students once again. A doctorate brings with it not only professional but also psychological challenges. Frustration, loneliness and the feeling of not being good enough are therefore not uncommon. In the video we talk about what you can do for yourself in order to stay positive and motivated,  as well as how we support you as a publisher in the process.

The way to your doctorate

The path to a doctorate can not only be long, but also very exhausting. Still,with the right approach, the research and writing can produce beautiful pages. With this video we would like to accompany you on your first steps.

We will address the following questions:

  • What is the decision path to a doctorate and what should I consider?
  • How do I register for a doctorate?
  • What are the advantages and perspectives of a doctorate?

Cumulative Dissertation

With this video, we are particularly addressing doctoral students who want to publish their dissertation cumulatively or are considering doing so. However, it is first necessary to clarify what a cumulative dissertation actually is and what advantages and obstacles it brings with it. I will then propose our solution for overcoming these hurdles: The cumulative monograph.

The way to your book: the cover layout and the proof print

In this video we would like to take a closer look at the individual processes involved in proof printing and explain two topics in particular: the cover design and the documents that we send you together with the proof.

The Cuvillier Verlag introduces itself: The way to your book in 7 steps

Since we know that writing scientific literature can be a long and tedious process, it is our company philosophy to relieve you of all the tedious steps of a professional publication and to provide you with a non-bureaucratic and fast publication process with the highest standards of quality and international visibility. From the moment you contact us up to the moment you hold your title in your hands – we are at your side as a strong partner. Naturally, we also attach great importance to individual support during the entire process. Our author support team will be happy to consider your personal wishes and suggestions quickly and flexibly.
Summarising our process, your publication at Cuvillier Verlag goes through seven steps.

The Cuvillier templates: Design your thesis easily and professionally

Formatting – it is often perceived as a significant hurdle in the scientific publication process. In this video we would like to inform you about the solution strategy we as a publishing house utilize to help you as an author.

You can download our format templates for Microsoft Word in Arial and Times New Roman fonts here. If you use LaTeX to create your publication, we can also provide you with a free template. Just send us a short e-mail to

Publishing congress volumes  and proceedings in the COVID-19 crisis

With the closure of the universities and also the ban on contact, we have thought about how we can make your long-prepared scientifically important results and contributions for your conference or congress optimally visible.

In this video we would like to explain how you can still use Cuvillier to disseminate the results of  a congress or conference. You simply send us all your contributions and we will process them in book form.

If you wish, we as a publishing house can take over the management of shipping. You simply send us the list of persons and institutions to be supplied with copies.

Publish your dissertation without delay in spite of the Corona crisis

The Corona crisis poses great challenges for all of us. Our task as a specialist scientific publisher is to ensure that the transfer of knowledge does not come to a standstill. That is why you can still publish your dissertation with us during this period, quickly and in 1a quality. If you have any questions about the publication of scientific works, please contact us at:, or use our contact form. You can also contact us by phone at +49 551 547240.

Would you like to have your scientific work published? Request your non-binding publication quote!