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Scientific publication

Why publish scientifically?

To gain recognition and international reputation, a publication in a specialized publishing house is indispensable. We give you recommendations on how to publish your scientific work in the best possible way. With great experience and high reach, we are at your side as a renowned scientific publisher.

The most groundbreaking research will not achieve the significance it deserves if you keep it to yourself. Neither society, research, business nor you can benefit from it. Only through appropriate publication of research results can they be made available to the public, ensuring visibility and citation. Your career as a scientist becomes sharper and your reputation grows. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field occurs and you make a name for yourself and your work.

Independently of this, you can profit financially from your publication – through sales and an author’s fee. The chances of attractive job offers and research funds increase. These factors should therefore play a decisive role in your decision to publish scientifically.

Where do I publish scientifically?

Whether you want to publish your monograph, anthology, Festschrift, congress volume, essays, dissertation, cumulative dissertation, habilitation, research reports or scientific papers – make sure you choose a reputable publisher with comprehensive services.

The most important criteria for publishing with a publisher include:

  • High quality production
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Experts in various fields
  • Marketing & distribution
  • Cooperation with bookshops, libraries etc.
  • Timely publication
  • Implementation of individual customer wishes
  • Existing ratings on Google and/or website

With over 34 years of experience and almost 10,000 titles from almost all scientific disciplines, we can guarantee you the expertise you need for a serious professional publication.

How do I publish my scientific work?

Through our quarterly publishing model, we offer a wide range of publication options, including book publication, online publication, integration into the Cuvillier eCollection and/or open access publication. Our publishing service is suitable for professors, lecturers, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students, researchers, textbook authors and scientists.

Scientific publishing with diversity – this is what we offer our authors.

In order to constantly adapt to customer requirements, coupled with the further development of digitalisation, we always keep the publishing process up to date. State-of-the-art technology and printing processes enable sustainable production in the best quality. As an additional feature, we offer individual cover design in full colour. Our fast, reliable and on-time production process sets us apart.

Publication subsidy, publication funding or science prizes?

Additional income for your scientific findings can be obtained from the Verwertungsgemeinschaft Wort (VG Wort), which paid out around 2000 euros for a book publication in 2021. From summer 2022, the VG Wort is expected to resume its “Förderfonds Wissenschaft”. In particular, the DFG (German Research Foundation) is equally worthy of mention in this context, which funds dissertations and post-doctoral theses. Information on this: Funding & Financing

The Association of German Foundations (Bundesverband deutscher Stiftungen) provides an overview of foundations and institutions that cover the costs of publication at

Other interdisciplinary foundations are:

  • German Academic Women’s Association e.V.
  • Geschwister Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation for the Humanities
  • Andrea von Braun Foundation
  • Körber Foundation
  • FAZIT Foundation
  • and many more.

A well-founded publication serves as proof of a successful scientific research activity. The possibility of research awards and research funds is also open to you.
After all, you have not invested years of work in your project for nothing.  

Publishing in a journal or a scientific paper?

It is common for academics to seek publication in journals, but there are some pitfalls, which are covered extensively in our Cuvillier blog. Don’t let the quality of your important work be limited by a long application process and partial publication alone, which involves high participation costs. The lengthy review process should not diminish your career opportunities.

Why is a scientific publication authoritative?

Essential results require appropriate public access so that your knowledge will be preserved and new research ideas can be developed.

Research writes the future.

Publish your scientific paper or article in a specialised publishing house so that the above factors are fulfilled and you as the author also benefit. By publishing in the form of a monograph, your knowledge will be available in a bundled form so that you can achieve an optimal positioning.

Let us know your wishes and requirements – within 12 hours you will receive a non-binding offer for your successful publication.

You would like to publish your dissertation in a publishing house?

The doctorate requires publication of the dissertation to obtain the Dr. title – whether as a monograph or a cumulative dissertation.

Specialist publishers have a reputation for focusing on publications with a print run of 400 copies. With us, you decide how many copies you want for your academic publication.
We offer various packages, such as the Basic Package Special – particularly attractive for doctoral theses by medical professionals – as well as ongoing promotions.

Whether you are doing your doctorate abroad or in Germany – we will implement your publication process unbureaucratically, cost-effectively and with the highest standards of quality.

With us at your side, you will gain the greatest academic reputation through your publication project.
Through comprehensive marketing activities, your doctoral thesis will gain the greatest visibility and be available worldwide.

As a doctoral candidate, you certainly have some questions about the publication and delivery requirements of your dissertation:

  • How much does it cost to publish my dissertation?
  • Where can I publish my dissertation?
  • Which publishing house to publish my dissertation?
  •  …

With decades of experience, we make your publishing process uncomplicated & smooth.
For more information on publishing your dissertation, click here.

What is the publication process like?

You simply submit your work to us as a Word, LaTeX or PDF document, for example, and we take care of the entire publication process: from formatting, printing and binding – to your finished book. In addition, we offer you the option of parallel and free online publication. In our range of services we give you deeper insights.

Let us go the way of future-oriented publication together, because knowledge creates progress.
We look forward to meeting you.