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Publish at Cuvillier Publishing House

Dissertation – Habilitation – cumulative Dissertation – Proceedings and Congress papers – Research reports – Scripts – Papers – Symposium volumes – Commemorative volumes

Your scientific research paper is finished and you wish that its results are excellently positioned  on the scientific terrain. Your research findings should and must be quickly made visible.

It is quite a challenge to receive your doctoral title and/or to publish your research findings in a visible way in a short time! That is why you need the support of a highly qualified academic publisher. The Cuvillier-Team, with over 30 years of experience and more than 9000 published titles stands as a strong partner by your side.

Your work is finished – now it is our turn to make your reasearch results visible for the global scientific, economic and industrial society.

Fast – unbureaucratic – high quality – internationally visible

Anyone who wishes to publish in academia will find a comprehensive range of services at Cuvillier Publishing House: with spotless service, personal advising, quick reaction time and the most up-to date printing technologies. We guarantee a high-value professional and academically qualified customer service, reliability, high quality factor, the absolute respect of deadlines and a first-class price-performance ratio..

Whether it is a dissertation, a habilitation, a monography, a cumulative dissertation, congress papers, research reports, scripts or papers – we will meet your expectations with our personal and competent author support.

We value individuality and fast, unbeaurocratic realisation with the highest niveau of quality – at Cuvillier all publishing services are held in one hand.

A quaternary publication consisting of print, eBook, eCollection and Open Access offers the modern basis for a broad provision of knowledge.

You have the choice: Adapted to your individual needs, the publication
of your title is possible as print and/or eBook – if desired, also Open
Access. We will be happy to advise you personally – just contact us!
Digital publications are automatically included in the eCollection – our
service for institutional users.

In this way, we enable interdisciplinary research from the same knowledge pool through simultaneous access by all participants.

Nicht nur eine elektronische Veröffentlichung oder Printversion – wir involvieren Ihre ausgezeichnete Arbeit auf Wunsch in unserer eCollection und veröffentlichen zukunftsorientiert in Anpassung an den Digitalisierungsprozess auch Open Access.

Unser größtes Anliegen ist die weltweite Öffentlichkeitsmachung von Forschung und Wissen sowie die stetige Anpassung an den Wandel der Publikationskette des Wissenschaftsbereichs.

12 Steps for an excellent publication

1. We always place our authors first

  • comprehensive publisher support and personal counselling
  • we offer individually modifiable, preformatted digital layout-themes for free use
  • optional proofreading service
  • complete check of all data for printability
  • we contact you instantly in case of any complications
  • obligatory copies in A4-format
  • individual cover-designs in full-colour, with no extra price
  • production of a physical proof copy
  • free processing of your wished corrections
  • high-value quality-assured production including cold-glue binding for undurting quality
  • optimal print process management
  • inclusion in the Cuvillier publishing programme, including issuing an ISB-Number
  • international distribution and registration by scientific and academic institutes and libraries
  • optimal scientific visibility through cross-media marketing
  • guaranteed delivery in 1-5 days after printing clearance
the cornerstones of our business practice are a guarantee for high-value publisher support in science and academia.

2. The publication offer

Send us your publications offer and you will receive a non-binding quote within 12 hours from us.

So that your data can reach us in the best possible format, we provide you with our info-package with individually modifiable, preformatted digital layout-themes for Microsoft Word or LaTeX

As an option, our proof-reading service is also readily available for you with personal proposals, advice and information.

3. Sending your data

Send us the data of your publication as PDF, Postscript, Word, LaTeX, by post, as a CD-ROM, USB-drive or simply per E-Mail to the following address: We will process your data following your individual wishes and will create without extra cost a number of Layout-suggestions in full colour with enduring lamination.

4. Processing your data

Our range of services also extends to a complete check of your data. If any irregularities emerge, we contact you without delay. The necessary corrections are worked into your data quickly and without any problems. We also understand that a physical proof copy is unavoidable to reach a high academic standard. When you are satisfied, you simply send us your printing clearance.

6. Cover design

We process your data with your individual wishes and preferences in view and prepare a number of suggested layouts free of charge, in full colour with enduring lamination. We also provide the possibility of sleeking-technology among our services. Click here for more information on cover designs.

7. Proof copy

It is indispensable to be able to chack your book in physical form. After the necessary corrections you receive your proof copy within 12 hours. Smaller corrections you may have are processed free of charge.

9. Production-technological implementation

We are not only environmentally conscious and responsible in theory, we also set it in practice by digital print and print on demand with environmentally friendly, acid-free paper from sustainable forestries, with a careful use of natural resources. You can find more information here.

10. Delivery

1-5 days after printing clearance, we will your send your printed copies to your address by DHL.

We are also by your side in case of time-critical projects – make use of our SOS-Service.

11. Distribution-grade – Optimal visibility

Your work is published “white” and is available internationally with an ISB-Number in print, as an eBook or through a server licence. Your publication is registered in the library cluster and our expansive network of distribution partners

Three copies of your title are sent directly to the German national libraries.

Through cross-media marketing and our international distribution we can guarantee you an excellent positioning of your research in the scientific field.

12. Congratulation for your academic title and/or your publication

A 100% customer satisfaction is the most important premise of our company philosophy!