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Cuvillier Verlag

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International Specialist Publishing House for Science and Economy

Cuvillier Verlag


Optimaler Verbreitunsgrad sowohl im Print- als auch im Onlinebereich

Vielfältige Vertriebskanäle durch unsere internationalen Verbundpartnernetzwerk. Damit erscheinen alle Titel in den relevanten Vertriebskanälen unseres Verbundes.

Additionally, we are in regular talks with our cooperation partners, major network platforms like Amazon,, Newbooks and AbeBooks.

The regional, national and international publishing industry as well as large university and specialty bookstores (amongst others such as Dietmar Dreyer, Sack Media Group, Barnes & Noble) are continuously informed about new publications, releases from price maintenance, as well as Cuvillier Verlag’s special offers.

We offer a 30% bookselling discount to our affiliates in order to incentivise sales. We make use of all of these means of distribution for our print versions, eBooks as well as our E-Collection.

Our publishing house’s direct distribution model through the continuous improvement of our online shop, search engine optimization, social media, target audience-specific newsletter, Google AdWords optimization as well as the establishment of strategic, new business portfolios increase the sales potential of your publication.

National and international channels of distribution are the foundation of our duty as a publisher to distribute and publish. It goes without saying, we report your publication to the German Books in Print catalogue (Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher, VLB).

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