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Top Master / Bachelor

Very good Master’s theses as well as Bachelor’s theses often offer excellent basic research, which unfortunately gains little visibility and disappears in the drawers of the universities.

In order to support the promotion of you as young scientists and to give your research and that of your institute more visibility and reach, Cuvillier Verlag has launched the Top Masters Program.

The series will be cross-university and interdisciplinary, with explicit mention on the cover of each university and the department that supervises the work in question. The papers will be published as monographs in the first step and then transferred to the Journal Top MSc/ BSc in essay form (The transfer is free of charge for author:s).

We help you as a Master-Bachelor graduate or the members of your department to take the first steps into the research discourse and to lay the foundation for your networking with the international scientific community.

Your top research will be made accessible and more importantly, visible and citable. Students and researchers all over the world will have access to excellent basic research from your institute and thus from your university.

Top MSc / BSc published in:


Fast & uncomplicated

You have already mastered the most important steps on the way to publishing your dissertation, habilitation or master’s thesis – the research and writing of the paper have been completed. We know how exhausting and labour-intensive this time was for you, which is why we take care of the entire publication process for you and ensure a fast, simple and unbureaucratic publication as print, eBook, in the eCollection and/or Open Access.

Your personal offer in just 12 hours | Production & delivery in 3-6 days

We make the last step to publishing your work as unbureaucratic as possible.

Send us your publication request and receive a non-binding offer within 12 hours. To ensure that your files reach us in the best possible format, we provide you with customisable, pre-formatted layout themes (Microsoft Word and LaTeX) free of charge.

Send us your file as:

  • PDF
  • Postscript
  • Word
  • LaTeX
by e-mail to:

Alternatively, you can send us your file via cloud service, CD-ROM or by post.

After approval for printing, we will produce and deliver your title within 3-6 working days.

☞ Request a non-binding publication offer now!

Individual implementation according to your wishes

We process the files according to your individual wishes and create several proposals for the layout of your cover free of charge – full-colour and sustainably laminated. You can find inspiration for the individual cover design of your title here.

We will also carry out a complete check of your files for printability and inform you of any irregularities. Afterwards, you will receive your physical proof print free of charge for inspection. If you are satisfied, you give us the go-ahead for printing. Corrections can be made quickly and easily.

For a small surcharge, we can also print A4 copies for the examination office.

Benefit from over 34 years of experience

For over 34 years, we have enjoyed the trust of the most prestigious national and international universities, university libraries and research institutions. Our publishing catalogue includes almost 10.000 titles from almost all fields of research.

As an author, you make an important contribution to society, which is why, as a renowned specialist publisher, we value your research and work with you to ensure that your publication is of the highest quality and thus meets academic standards.

Our forward-looking publication model


Quaternary publishing model

The quaternary publication model consisting of print, eBook, eCollection and Open Access offers a modern basis for broad knowledge provision.

Through the quaternary and especially the Cuvillier eCollection, we enable interdisciplinary research from the same knowledge pool through simultaneous access by all participants.

International distribution & highest visibility

Via the ISBN, your publication is available as a print copy, eBook as well as server licence. Your title is available online in our webshop and is reported in the library network as well as our large network of distribution partners.

Our marketing will position your publication spectifically for the target group an thus guarantee an excellent reputation in the scientific community. In doing so, we notify e.g. university libraries, chairs and research institutions about your book. Of course, we also ensure that the voucher copies of all dissertations published with us are sent to the Lower Saxony State Library and the German National Library.

Have your work professionally printed & bound

We produce and ship the printed copies of your academic paper in 3-6 days after your print approval.

For production, we rely on environmentally friendly, acid-free paper from sustainable forestry and the print-on-demand process to conserve resources.

Whether as a printed book or as a pure online publication – Cuvillier Verlag is a strong partner for authors as an international academic publisher. More than 8,500 authors already benefit from our personal all-around service – you can too!