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About Us

Ihr internationaler Wissenschaftsverlag – professionell und schnell

Your international scientific publisher – fast and professional

As a specialised scientific and academic publisher with more than 30 years long tradition inthe university city of Göttingen, Cuvillier Verlag exhibits outstanding experience in the publication of

  • Dissertations
  • Cumulative dissertations
  • Habilitations
  • Scientific monographies
  • Proceedings and congerence papers
  • Book series
  • and more

Company owner Dipl.-Kfm. Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier

Qualität ohne Abstriche, individuelle Beratung und maximale Effizienz bilden die Trias unseres verlegerischen Anspruchs.

in the field of humanities, natural or engineering science. Quality without compromises, individual support and maximum efficience are the three pillars of our publishing philosophy.

Our over 9.000 publications for scientists, academic institutions and international organisations just as for internationally renowned enterprises that we have partnered with for many years, speak for themselves.

With the know-how collected through decades of collaboration with scientific authors, researchers, scientific and academic societies and enterprises and our high-value technical equipment we provide high quality production inpublishing that convinces even the most demanding authors.

Our philosophy – knowledge published fairly and distributed with high visibility

We live in a world with a fragile ecosystem. As a publisher, we take our ecological responsibility very seriously. Our solution: at your request we will produce your Title with the least possible use of resources to protect the environment.

To anchor and position knowledge in the scientific discourse not just in an up-to-date manner, but also sustainably, to make it available and to distribute it for a fair price is our ethic-moral duty and responsibility towards the future.

A strong team – also in times of Covid-19

The satisfaction of our customers is always the highest priority for us. Therefore, we strive to provide personal support to our authors in every phase of a publication.


Your team for a successful publication

Quartäres Veröffentlichen: Mit uns schreiben Sie Zukunft


Quartäres Veröffentlichungsmodell

Quaternary Publishing – The publishing model of the future

A quaternary publication consisting of print, eBook, eCollection and Open Access offers the modern basis for a broad provision of knowledge. Thus, we enable interdisciplinary research from the same knowledge pool through simultaneous access by all participants.

With the Cuvillier eCollection platform all members of your institution or company will benefit from the most up-to-date academic research thanks to the simultaneous and unlimited access to all titles you have purchased. Our flexible purchasing scheme with simultaneous online availability combines all the benefits of modern technology. Fast—efficient—100% up-to-date. Learn more about the Cuvillier eCollection.

We are standing by your side

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority! Become our customer and benefit from our experience in publishing scientific and economic research and literature. A perfect symbiosis of scientific expertise and high-value professional and personal publishing support allows for optimal distribution of your research data and skillfully positions your title within the international scientific community.

“Your publishing house offers a pleasantly high amount of titles that are relevant for students and researchers of the Brandenburg University of Technology. A lot of our library users prefer downloading ebooks from the campus network to loaning out print versions. Because of this we are very glad that you also offer your books as downloadable ebooks. We appreciate it a lot that it is possible to download these ebooks in an IP controlled manner directly from the publisher’s servers without licensing a platform. The online descriptions of the books are very informative and provide a good basis for the selection and ordering of titles“.

Magdalene Frewer-Sauvigny

Head of University Library, Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus

Satisfied partners speak for themselves:

Professional consultation with representatives of the renowned Mehl-Mühlens-Stiftung, whose highly-regarded research data are published by Cuvillier Verlag.  Prof. Hermann Seufert, Dr. André Hahn, Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier, Dr. Gerhard Greif and Prof. Erich Bruns.


Satisfied partners are the best reference: a meeting of experts with the representatives of the renowned Mehl-Mühlens-Stiftung, many of whose well-received research findings were published amond others by Cuvillier. Prof. Hermann Seufert, Dr. André Hahn, Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier, Dr. Gerhard Greif and Prof. Erich Bruns.

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