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    Publishing Proceedings

Publishing Proceedings

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Unbureaucratic – high-value – 1a scientifically positioned – assured quality

As an internationally renowned scientific publisher we consider it highly important that the research results of your conference transcript are available and internationally visible through a clean publication with high distribution rate and thus ensure for both the editors and the authors an outstanding position in the academic field with a high impact-factor

Beside the high standards of quality of our print products and our digital presence on all academic channels we pride ourselves about our extremely fast reaction times and strict adherence to deadlines. Our in-house production makes it possible that also volumes assembled on a very short notice could be accepted and produced. 

We are also happy to help you in the preparation and announcement of your event, both in the design and layouting of your conference book and in printing and shipping it. We can offer you the production of further auxiliary materials such as note blocks, location maps or advertising materials..

In the following months we are going to launch our interdisciplinary publication platform, which will assist the preparation of the timely submission of the papers with a deadline-reminder

Ask for your non-binding personal offer. Call us by telephone or reach us through other channels – We are happy to stand by your side as a reliable partner.

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Quote in 12 hours – proof copy in 12h – delivery in 3-6 days

As we know well how much hard work goes into compiling and writing a scientific publication, we want to make the final steps to publishing your work as simple and unbureaucratic as possible. Send us your publication request and in 12 hours you will receive our non-binding offer. So that your data reaches us in the best possible format, we encourage you to use our individually configurable pre-formatted layout-themes for Microsoft Word and LaTex.

The participants may send us their papers and abstracts
  • in PDF,
  • Postscript,
  • Word,
  • LaTex format,
  • by post,
  • CD-ROM,
  • USB
or simply via E-Mail to the address We format your data according to your individual requests and produce, with no extra cost, several free layout-versions in full colour, with durable lamination. You can find some inspiration for the individual cover design of your title here. Your data will also undergo a complete check, and we will contact you if anything is out of the ordinary. The necessary corrections are worked into your data quickly and without any problems. We also understand that a physical proof copy is unavoidable to reach a high academic standard. When you are satisfied, you simply send us your printing clearance.

Your proceedings in print, eBook and server license form – with comprehensive marketing

3-6 days after clearance you will receive the printed copies of your volume. Your work is available internationally through the ISB-Number as a print copy, and e-book or via a server licence, and is also registered in libraries and our wide network of cooperation partners. The marketing of your title also begins through our wider international distribution network and guarantees an excellent positioning in the scientific field. 

Anyone who wishes to publish in academia will find a spotless service at Cuvillier Verlag, with personal advising, quick reaction time and the most up-to date printing technologies. We guarantee a high-value professional and academically qualified customer service, reliability, high quality factor, the absolute respect of deadlines and a first-class cost effectiveness. The satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself.

Optionally, our proof-reader is also ready to help you personally with tips and advice and to work closely with you.

We take care of the professional publication of your proceedings – at a low cost

We wish to support academics in collecting and presenting their research results in an interdisciplinary manner and thereby making an important contribution  to our society. As a scientific publisher, we understand how important the results of your projects are for you. That is why we value academic exchange and wish to work with you so that your work is published in a quality to satisfy the highest academic demands.

Our work with scientific publications and conference volumes is not only thorough but also fast. While a high standard is self-evident for us, we know well from our own experience that your research book presents an important input for students, academic associates, professors and universities.

Satisfied with your publication? Recommend us to your peers and colleagues!

What could have more value than a personal reference? Refer to us your academic associates who wish to follow your example and receive our premiums. Starting from a successful new entry with a contract value over 500 € we thank you with a payment of 25 €, over a contract value of 1000 € you receive 50 €. It is our view that personal references form a large part of our success – they are worth more than any advertisement: they are authentic in their honesty.