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Interdisciplinary research series "Mobility - Future"


The future for digital networking of interdisciplinary mobility research published by Cuvillier Verlag.

Mobility is the topic of the future – sustainability, climate neutrality and affordability. Research, technology and innovative strength are behind this. It is the central field of development that addresses the economic, ecological and social challenges of the future – The pioneer for securing the environment, economy and society.

In view of the increasing relevance of the complex topic of mobility and transport, the publishing house has inaugurated the “Mobility – Future” research series.

With nearly 10,000 scientific publications – including more than 1,500 publications in the field of engineering sciences – Cuvillier Verlag has achieved international renown in 34 years..

We would like to invite experts to contribute their research results to this interdisciplinary mobility platform, because the problem is not providing knowledge but finding it.

Contribute with your knowledge to create a knowledge pool in this field. Through networking and the bundling of knowledge of individual initiatives, an impact & research progress of considerable scale is created.

Thanks to the future-oriented publication format of the quaternary publication, we anchor the results of research and development into a Europe-wide mobility knowledge pool. This platform of mobility, consisting of diverse research approaches and innovative ideas, creates international visibility and an excellent reputation – followed by interdisciplinary networking with immediate availability, without research effort.

Let’s work together to expand the innovative power and future viability of mobility. Knowledge creates research – we make it visible.

Especially for PhD students and habilitands the advantage of securing their results in the mobility knowledge pool with the highest reputation is given.

Excellent support with a professional editorial team

The editorship is assumed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Horst Brunner.
Horst Brunner is a long-standing university professor of automotive and powertrain engineering at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences “Friedrich List” at the Technical University of Dresden and spokesman for the Dresden Vehicle and Traffic Safety Research Association [FVD]2.

Prof. Dr.-Ing habil. Brunner and the Cuvillier publishing house have the ambition to bring together the connection of all areas of mobility. Thus, a platform – to an extent not yet available at the moment – of bundled, well-founded and excellent knowledge is to be created.
In particular, this will also serve the further development and mobility solutions.

In order to implement this complex publishing construct in a sustainable and international way, we will realize Mobility as a stand-alone pillar of Cuvillier Verlag in the form of an imprint (a publishing house affiliated with Cuvillier Verlag, in which only the interdisciplinary research series “Mobility – Future” will be published). Each university, faculty or chair can continue or establish its own series with ISSN, with the individual titles bearing an ISBN.

Your advantages with a publication in the series

  • We provide all members of the knowledge pool – whether from research, industry or business – with access to all publications of the pool free of charge, interdisciplinary, user-optimized, simultaneous and IP-circuit-compatible without horrendous expenses for access to journals. Thus, we create an optimized and time-saving search and international visibility as a guarantee for your excellent scientific reputation.

  • For all authors and editors, the assignment of the ISBN and ISSN guarantees white publication, which is also a prerequisite for participation in the distribution of the VG Wort. In the last distribution period, the VG Wort distributed 2,000€ for scientific monographs. You can find more information about this on our information page on the VG Wort.

  • All titles of the knowledge pool will be included in the Cuvillier eCollection, so that in addition to the eBook and print copy, the bundled mobility knowledge will be available to all institutional users simultaneously and IP-circuit ready.

  • Industry-supported research results are also provided with the ISBN and ISSN. The title can be announced without viewing the content. The release of the content takes place after approval by the author/publisher.

Possibilities of integration in the mobility series

If desired, we can include your already existing subject series as a component in the interdisciplinary mobility series of Cuvillier Verlag.

In this case, we offer you the possibility of publishing within the framework of your university with its own ISSN, thus preserving your autonomy or the autonomy of your university and still allowing you to benefit from the international visibility and networking of the Mobility Knowledge Pool. The editorship can be extended by you or one of your collaborators.


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All works of the research series

Would you like to be part of this future-oriented series? Contact us!

You can reach us at or via our contact form. We are available by telephone from Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:30 and on Fridays until 15:00 under 0551/547240.

We anchor and position knowledge in the scientific discourse in a current and sustainable way – with availability at fair prices.

  • Fastest response times

  • individual support

  • quality certified production

  • excellent visibility through cross-media distribution channels

  • unbeatable price-performance ratio

In addition to other publishing services, these are a guarantee for qualified academic publication support.

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