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Series of publications on energy and sustainability


Approach and goals

Energy and sustainability comprise a research and competence area of great importance. With their sustainable solution approaches, the contributions to the series of publications of the same name make a significant contribution to progress for society, not only with regard to existing energy problems.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Peter Birke an internationally recognized expert in the field of electrical storage technology, Dean of Studies for Electromobility and University Professor for Electrical Energy Storage Systems at the University of Stuttgart, takes over the editorship.

Energy and sustainability are currently among the most important challenges facing science, business and industry. For this reason, our intention is to transfer the research series “Energy and Sustainability” with the series “Mobility and Future” to a new knowledge platform. This relevant research must gain visibility for the progress of the future.

With the series "Mobility – Future" and "Energy & Sustainability", Cuvillier Verlag has created two mainstays, coupled with pioneering forms of publication, to bundle and network research and make it highly visible.

We would also like to invite you to become part of this future-oriented knowledge pool, because it is not the provision of knowledge that is the problem, but the finding of it. For information packages and information, feel free contact us.

“In future mobility, energy storage and climate requirements have the key role. I consider myself fortunate as editor of the Mobility – Future series at Cuvillier Verlag, with its outstanding expertise, to be able to contribute to these important demands on research and science.” - Prof. Dr. -Ing. habil. Horst Brunner

Such an amalgamation will unleash the synergies and potentials of cutting-edge research results and make a significant contribution to the further development of future societies. The development of this knowledge platform – of mobility, energy and sustainability – is planned and created by highest precision and convenience.

Scientists and researchers have the opportunity to publish their findings in different publication variants. Our quarterly publication model offers the choice:

  • Print
  • Ebook
  • Open access
  • Integration in the Cuvillier Ecollection

Combinations of individual variants are of course possible with us.

This publication spectrum guarantees you the greatest and international visibility as well as citability.

Thanks to your research projects and the future platform, the combined knowledge of mobility, energy and sustainability will make a significant advance for the future.


Cover: Band 9

Series Content & Prospects:

The overall series “Energy and Sustainability” is not only suitable as a future-oriented, highly topical platform for dissertations, but also for:

  • Habilitations
  • Scientific articles
  • Articles as well as technical papers 
  • Textbooks
  • Student research projects

…on the topics of “Electrical Energy Storage Systems”, “Sustainable CO₂ Cycles” and “Battery Technology & Electromobility”.

Electrical energy storage systems (EES) in their entirety cover a very broad field. In principle, this includes all systems that convert electrical energy uni- and bidirectionally into another form of energy. The resulting research field has an immensely wide range.

The “Electrical Energy Storage Systems” series, which initially emerged from this nucleus in 2020, will be further developed into the overarching “Energy & Sustainability” series in 2022.

Sustainable CO₂ cycles address the important future research area of PtX technologies. These represent a very special area of electrical energy storage systems if they are based exclusively on sustainable power generation. In the future, synthetic fuels and recyclables obtained in this way will be a central building block in the energy transition.

Research questions and approaches that address electrical energy storage systems in themselves, but have arisen from electromobility, are now given due space.

The requirements of mobility for electrical energy storage systems are particularly high in terms of energy and power density, service life, safety, costs and sustainability. They form the king’s discipline of a demanding specification. In this respect, there is a special synergy between the "Mobility – Future" series already initiated by Cuvillier Verlag and the present “Energy and Sustainability” series.

Both series have a high symbiotic added value. The interdisciplinary, cross-university and global Cuvillier knowledge pool will provide research results in its acdademic high quality. This encompasses science, economy, politics, environment and society in order to fully meet future challenges for climate-friendly action.

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