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Biotechnology: Trends in Advancement of Life Science Research and Development in Nigeria

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Biotechnology: Trends in Advancement of Life Science Research and Development in Nigeria (Tienda española)

Oluyemi Akinloye (Autor)


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ISBN-10 (Impresion) 3869556196
ISBN-13 (Impresion) 9783869556192
ISBN-13 (E-Book) 9783736936195
Idioma Inglés
Numero de paginas 216
Laminacion de la cubierta Brillante
Edicion 1 Aufl.
Volumen 0
Lugar de publicacion Göttingen
Fecha de publicacion 03.03.2011
Clasificacion simple Libro de divulgacion
Area Biología
Bioquímica, biología molecular, tecnología genética

One challenge for those involved in the life science research, especially bio-physiological
research is the emerging evolution of molecular technology. Advances in genetics and
accumulated information in the genomics have made molecular technology and its application in
life science the fastest growing tools in this millennium. Many Researchers in the developed
countries are very much at home with this advancement and have taken advantage to develop
their research interest and contribute more meaningful to their community. This technology is
still new and just emerging in the developing countries. However, in recent years molecular
technology tools is fast becoming popular in life science research in the developing world,
especially in the field of agriculture, biology, biochemistry, medical science etc. Biotechnology
tools are widely available and currently in use as research tools in most developed countries. The
potentiality of its application in the developing countries, especially Africa has formed the
motivation for seeking foreign fellowship on one hand and even returning home after the
fellowship on the other hand by many young researchers. Organizing a scientific conference with
focus or emphasis in this evolving area will give opportunity to researchers to take stock of how
much has been acquired during the period of stay in the developed countries (especially
Germany) and how much is applicable to research environment in the home country (Nigeria).
Three days scientific conference was organized to achieve this goal. The scientific meeting was
designed to stimulate collaboration and research interest in the emerging and revolutionary field
of molecular biology among Humboldtians and other young researchers in Nigeria. The request
from the participants and desire to preserve the high quality of papers and amazing scientific
information presented during this conference motivated the publication of this book. The
generosity of Humboldt Foundation to solely support both the conference and publication of this
book, made possible the realization of our dream.