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Capillary wetting of heterogeneous powders

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Capillary wetting of heterogeneous powders (Volumen 15) (Tienda española)

Jana Kammerhofer (Autor)


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ISBN-13 (Impresion) 9783736970823
ISBN-13 (E-Book) 9783736960824
Idioma Inglés
Numero de paginas 156
Laminacion de la cubierta mate
Edicion 1.
Serie SPE-Schriftenreihe
Volumen 15
Lugar de publicacion Göttingen
Fecha de publicacion 09.09.2019
Clasificacion simple Tesis doctoral
Area Ingeniería mecánica y de proceso
Palabras claves Capillary penetration, Wetting, Dissolution, Heterogeneity, Viscosity build up, Contact angle, Food powder, Reconstitution, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Crystalline sucrose, Washburn setup, Washburn equation, Pore network, Model

The objective of this PhD thesis is the enhancement of understanding and prediction of capillary wetting of heterogeneous, soluble food powders. Therefore, the capillary penetration is studied experimentally by increasing stepwise the complexity. Firstly, the heterogeneity in terms of contact angle and the effect of solubility during capillary wetting as the two main influencing factors are investigated separately and in a second step both factors are combined. Furthermore, a new model based on the coupling of the Washburn and the mass transfer equation is presented dealing simultaneously with capillary penetration and dissolution. It is observed that the viscosity increase is dominant during liquid penetration for the powder systems containing the most soluble component (sucrose) at a high concentration. For powder mixtures containing a less soluble component with less viscosity development (sodium chloride), the hydrophobic contact angle drives the liquid penetration.