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Effects of cell wall degradation on the polyphenol content and profile of red berries during juice production

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Effects of cell wall degradation on the polyphenol content and profile of red berries during juice production (Volumen 9) (Tienda española)

Lena Rebecca Larsen (Autor)


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ISBN-13 (Impresion) 9783736975187
ISBN-13 (E-Book) 9783736965188
Idioma Inglés
Numero de paginas 164
Laminacion de la cubierta mate
Edicion 1.
Serie Schriftenreihe der Professur für Molekulare Lebensmitteltechnologie
Volumen 9
Lugar de publicacion Göttingen
Lugar de la disertacion Bonn
Fecha de publicacion 28.10.2021
Clasificacion simple Tesis doctoral
Area Química
Química analítica
Química de alimentación
Palabras claves Red berry, Juice, Red berry juice, phenolic compounds, secondary plant metabolites, polyphenols, anthocyanin, anthocyanin profile, antioxidative, health-promoting, organoleptic quality, natural dye, plant cell wall, pectin, polysaccharides, cell wall degradation, enzymatic maceration, press cake, enzyme preparations, pectinase, pectin lyase, polgygalacturonase, pectin methylesterase, complexation, polysaccharid interactions, polyphenol interactions, non-covalent interactions, anthocyanin stacking, protective properties, ultrasound, juice production, ultrasound-assisted enzymatic maceration, ultrasound maceration, mashing, continuous system, synergistic effects, degree of methylation, degree of acetlyation, molecular weight distribution, galacturonic acid, Beeren, Saft, Buntsaft, Phenolische Substanzen, Sekundäre Pflanzeninhaltsstoffe, Polyphenole, Anthocyane, Anthocyanprofil, antioxidativ, gesundheitsfördernd, organoleptische Qualität, natürlicher Farbstoff, pflanzliche Zellwand, Pektin, Polysaccharide, Zellwandabbau, Maischeenzymierung, Trester, Enzympräparat, Pektinase, Pektinlyase, Polygalacturonase, Pektinmethylesterase, Komplexbildung, Polysaccharidinteraktionen, Polyphenolinteraktionen, Nicht kovalente Bindungen, Stappeleffekt, Schützende Eigenschaften, Ultraschall, Saftproduktion, Ultraschallgestützte Maischeenzymierung, Ultraschallmazeration, Maische, Kontinuierliches System, Synergistische Effekte, Methylierungsgrad, Acetylierungsgrad, Molekulargewichtsverteilung, Galakturonsäure, flame ionization detector, Flammenionisationsdetektor, gas chromatography, Gaschromatographie

The quality of red juices is strongly determined by their content of anthocyanins since these are responsible for the nutritional value and organoleptic properties. The final anthocyanin concentration greatly depends on juice production and, more specifically, on the disintegration of the pectic substances in the cell walls during maceration which increases anthocyanin extractability. This work evaluates the potential of ultrasound treatment during enzymatic maceration to enhance pectin degradation. The application of this technique allows for gentle processing conditions regarding temperature and time compared to the conventional enzymatic treatment. Concurrently, the arising pool of soluble pectic oligosaccharides and polysaccharides can be increased which beneficially affects anthocyanin stability by complexation. The resulting interactions are multifaceted depending on the structural properties of both involved compounds. This thesis expands the knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of pectin degradation leading to soluble polymers that increase the stability of anthocyanins by complexation.