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11th Horizons in Molecular Biology

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11th Horizons in Molecular Biology

International PhD Student Symposium and Career Fair for Life Sciences

Horizons in Molecular Biology (Herausgeber)


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ISBN-13 (Printausgabe) 9783954047956
ISBN-13 (E-Book) 9783736947955
Sprache Englisch
Seitenanzahl 158
Umschlagkaschierung glänzend
Auflage 1. Aufl.
Erscheinungsort Göttingen
Erscheinungsdatum 29.08.2014
Allgemeine Einordnung Tagungs- und Kongressband
Fachbereiche Biochemie, Molekularbiologie, Gentechnologie
Schlagwörter Tagungsband, Kongressband, Tagung, Vortragsband

This is a chance for our participants to promote their posters in a new series of fun sessions held for the first time in Horizons. Participants prepare one slide with their most favorite fi-gure and present it to everyone in a limited time, introducing the topic and raising interesting questions about the poster. This gives the opportunity to attract the interest of field experts and other participants to the poster, to which they can proceed for more details during the poster session that follows the elevator pitch session on the same day.