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EGON PETRI, Musician to the World

Alfred Kanwischer – Author profile

Alfred Kanwischer knew Egon Petri in the 1950s and early 1960s as his teacher, mentor, and friend. Dr. Kanwischer holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from Boston University and is currently Professor Emeritus at San José State University’s School of Music in California. He has concertized throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, giving both solo and duo-piano concerts with his wife, Heidi Elfenbein Kanwischer. His book, From Bach’s Goldberg to Beethoven’s Diabelli, was published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2014.

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EGON PETRI, Musician to the World
EGON PETRI, Musician to the World
Alfred Kanwischer
ISBN-13 (Hard Copy): 978-3-73699-968-8
ISBN-13 (eBook): 978-3-73698-968-9
EUR 29.90
EUR 17.90

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