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Najeeb H. Alomaisi – Author profile

Najeeb Alomaisi, a highly motivated Specialist in Management & Institutional development Consultant based on Governance, Good Governance. Has a very intensive experience in Public Finance and the Public economy as Budget Supervisor. Have experience in fundraising. His research mainly focusses Middle East and North Africa in economic and public policies, migration, climate, political instability and not limited to accounting studies where he has long time working in accounting and hold SAP professional for Finance and Controlling. He has a deep intensive experience qualitative and quantitative and mix research methods such as big six. Adept at using MS Office applications, SPSS, and Atlas Application for analysis. I am also an activist against in human right violation and co-founder of several NGOs and Initiatives standing for public Governance and Human rights. Has been working for private sector as Nestle Agency and for public Sector Central Bank in his county for several years. Alomaisi has recently defended his PhD of Administration Science writing about Challenges of Governance economic, political, and social consideration and holds a master’s degree in public administration and Governance from University of Jordan in cooperation with Speyer University – and a Bachelor of Science in accounting & auditing from Ibb University, Yemen Najeeb mother tongue is Arabic, and he can speak English and Deutsch.

Contributed to the following publications

Governance Challenges in the State of Yemen
Governance Challenges in the State of Yemen
Najeeb H. Alomaisi
ISBN-13 (Hard Copy): 978-3-73697-718-1
ISBN-13 (eBook): 978-3-73696-718-2
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