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Tropentag 2016

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Tropentag 2016 (English shop)

Solidarity in a competing world - fair use of resources

Bernhard Freyer (Editor)
Eric Tielkes (Editor)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736993419
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736983410
Language English
Page Number 640
Edition 1.
Publication Place Göttingen
Publication Date 2016-08-25
General Categorization Convention and Congress Book
Departments Social sciences
Forest science
Horticultural science
Environmental research, ecology and landscape conservation
Keywords solidarity, fair use, resources, hunger, malnutrition, human diseases, low income, violence, climate change, agriculture, fishery, forestry, energy

The theme of 2016 is ”Solidarity in a competing world – fair use of resources”. While on the one hand, one part of the world is profiting from natural resources, the other part of the world is suffering with hunger, malnutrition, human diseases, low income, violence and lately is also challenged through climate change. There is need to rethink and engage in a fair share of all resources between the continents and nations. This includes huge engagement into the management of natural resources to solve the long list of environmental threats expressed through ongoing erosion, loss of soil fertility and loss of biodiversity, and topped by climate change having strong impact on the productivity in agriculture, fishery and forestry, and the use and quality of water and of energy in the South.