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Stress and Social Anxiety

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Stress and Social Anxiety (English shop)

Psychobiological Effects of Stress on Social Interaction in Social Anxiety Disorder

Amalie Anna Trüg (Author)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736996052
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736986053
Language English
Page Number 174
Edition 1. Aufl.
Publication Place Göttingen
Place of Dissertation Freiburg
Publication Date 2017-08-15
General Categorization Dissertation
Departments Psychology
Psychiatry and psychological medicine
Keywords Stress, Stressreaktion, Soziale Angststörung, soziale Phobie, soziales Verhalten, Empathie, Cortisol, Psychobiologie, Psychoendokrinologie

For people suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD), social interactions imply severe distress. Nonetheless, little is known about the social-interactional effects of stress and the stress-related psychobiology in SAD.

The thesis presents the findings of a research project on the social-interactional consequences of acute stress in SAD patients. In contrast to healthy controls, SAD patients did not exhibit increased affiliation behavior under stress, but rather showed reduced prosocial behavior. Furthermore, the findings suggest that cognitive empathy modulates SAD patients’ way of dealing with social stress. The results extend previous data in the domain of stress reactivity and social behavior in social anxiety and provide leverage points for future studies.