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“More than half the sky?”

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“More than half the sky?” (English shop)

Descriptions and determinants of the career development of female Chinese senior executives working at multinational companies in China

Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski (Author)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736996830
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736986831
Language English
Page Number 372
Lamination of Cover matt
Edition 1.
Publication Place Göttingen
Place of Dissertation Bourgogne
Publication Date 2017-12-11
General Categorization Dissertation
Departments Economics
Keywords careers of female Chinese, careers of Chinese women, careers of women in China, careers of female Chinese executives, career pattern of women, career pattern of Chinese women, career paths of women, career paths of Chinese female, determinants of women, career determinatns in China, career determinatns of Chinese female, career motivation of female Chinese, career orientation of female Chinese, typology of female executives, career typology of female, career typology of female Chinese, glass ceiling in China, gender equality in China, childcare organization in China, mentoring and networking of women, mentoring of Chinese female, networking of Chinese female, social origin and careers in China, personalities of Chinese executives, competences of female Chinese, guanxi and Chinese female, multiple case interviews in China, multiple case interviews with executives in China, case studies with female Chinese, Frauenkarrieren in China, Frauen in Führungspositionen in China, Frauen in multinationalen Unternehmen in China, Karriereverläufe vin Frauen in China, Karrieremuster von Frauen in China, Einflussfaktoren auf Karrieren in China, Mentoring und Networking von Frauen in China, Kinderbetreuung in China, Einfluss sozialer Herkunft auf Karrieren in China, Chancengleichheit in China, Gläserne Decke China, Vereinbarung Beruf und Familie in China, Frauen Karriere Typologien, Persönlichkeiten von weiblichen (chinesischen) Führungskräften, Kompetenzen weiblicher (chinesischer) Führungskräfte, Persönlichkeitsstrukturen von Frauen in China, Karrieremotivation von Frauen in China, Karriereorientierung von Frauen in China, Interviews mit chinesischen Führungskräften, Fallstudien weibliche chinesische Führungskräfte

China has amongst the highest proportion of women in senior executive management roles, far outstripping Western countries such as the USA, France or Germany. Both in China and throughout the world, female executives are subject to a wide range of influences that affect their prospects for success in their careers. Very little is said in the existing literature about these determinants, context-specific factors and the career paths of top Chinese female managers, and hence there are almost no descriptions of the experiences of female Chinese executives. This thesis approaches the topic and its various aspects in a holistic manner in order to better understand the career determinants and career paths and patterns of female executives working in multinational companies in modern-day China. A conceptual framework was developed following Creswell (2014), which was based on existing research to provide an overall “theoretical orientation lens” and served a “map” guiding this qualitative research and its analysis. Using data collected through semi-structured interviews with 35 female Chinese executives and using content analysis as the instrument of analysis, this dissertation presents and interprets the women’s descriptions regarding external and individual determinants as well as their career paths. The study culminates with a typology describing the typical career patterns of the study group.
This thesis concludes with clear recommendations for HR-management both in and beyond China that may help to support women rising to senior executive levels and bind them to foreign multinational organizations in China. The research also provides useful career strategies for women who are targeting a senior level managerial career based on the example of the Chinese female executives.