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Recasting Aesthetic Experience

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Recasting Aesthetic Experience (English shop)

Emotions and the “Continuity Principle”

Alfonsina Scarinzi (Editor)


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ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736988842
Language English
Page Number 352
Edition 1.
Publication Place Göttingen
Publication Date 2018-10-05
General Categorization Non-Fiction
Departments Philosophy
Keywords emotion, cognition, aesthetic experience, aesthetic perception

This volume aims at highlighting the role of the interdependent relation between emotion and cognition in the bodily mediated pre-linguistic meaning constitution in aesthetic experience and perception and focuses on the current discussions about the role of the body and of emotions in perception and aesthetic meaning-making. The role of self-perceptions and self-reports in the measurement of emotion-related variables as well as the investigation of visualization as media feedback, muscular tension and motor activation in aesthetic experience within the framework of embodied and enactive cognitive science is put into focus. The volume contributes to better understand why, at present, ecological approaches to aesthetics fail to deliver a cognitive science of art for pretty much the same reasons neuroaesthetics and embodied or enactive aesthetics provide one.