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Fundamentals of microscale bubbles in process engineering

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Fundamentals of microscale bubbles in process engineering (Volume 9) (English shop)

Simon Matthes (Author)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736975118
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736965119
Language English
Page Number 154
Lamination of Cover matt
Edition 1.
Book Series Berichte aus dem Institut für Mehrphasenströmungen
Volume 9
Publication Place Göttingen
Place of Dissertation Hamburg
Publication Date 2021-10-25
General Categorization Dissertation
Departments Allgemeine Verfahrenstechnik
Keywords Verfahrenstechnik, Process engineering, Biokatalytische Reaktionen, Biocatalytic reactions, Enzymatische Reaktionen, Enzymatic reactions, Mehrphasenströmungen, Multiphase flows, Mehrphasenreaktoren, Multiphase contact apparatuses, Gas-Flüssig Reaktoren, Gas-liquid reactions, Rührreaktoren, Stirred tank reactors, Begasung, Aeration, Membranbegasung, Membrane aeration, Feinblasen, Fine bubbles, Feinblasenreaktoren, Fine bubble generators, Ultrafeinblasen, Ultrafine bubbles, Mikroblasen, Microbubbles, Hydrodynamik, Hydrodynamics, Stofftransport, Mass transfer, Stofftransportlimitierung, Mass transfer limitation, Stofftransportkoeffizienten, Mass transfer coefficients, Stofftransporterhöhung, Mass transfer enhancement, Gegendiffusion, Counter diffusion, Blasengrößenverteilung, Bubble size distribution, Koaleszenz, Coalescence, Blasenzerteilung, Bubble break-up, Laplacedruck, Laplace pressure, Entgasungsmethoden, Degassing techniques, Flächeninhalt, surface area, Sättigungskonzentration, saturation concentration, Henry-Konstante, Henry constant, Erdbeschleunigung, Fourier-Zahl, gravitational acceleration, molare Flussdichte, molar flow density, Ultraschallimpuls, ultrasonic pulse, Volumendurchsatz, volume flow rate, dimensionless numbers, dimensionslose Zahlen, Newtonsche Zahl, Newton number, Fourier number, Blase Reynolds-Zahl, bubble Reynolds number, dynamische Viskosität, dynamic viscosity, Kolmogorow-Längenskala, Kolmogorov length scale, Gasrückhaltevermögen, Laser-Rastermikroskopie, laser scanning microscopy
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Multiphase contact apparatuses are widely used in the chemical and biocatalytic process industry in which a gaseous reactant has to be supplied. The achievement of high mass transfer rates with regard to process efficiency is mostly challenging. In this work a novel aeration technique based on fine bubbles with diameters smaller 100 µm is experimentally analyzed, providing large interfacial areas for the mass transfer process. The experiments show the benefit of using fine bubbles by reaching significantly higher mass transfer rates compared to conventional aeration. Especially stirred tank reactors prove to be most suitable for fine bubble aeration. Finally, models are developed, describing the mass transfer characteristics at microscales.